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    Plugin category: MECH

    Suggested name: FoodBar Mechanic Changes
    Quick Thing: I've done some searches but these 2 features in one plugin definitely don't exist
    What I want:
    I basically just need a simple plugin that does a couple things.

    1. I need the food bar to stop regenerating health when its full so that a player would need healing potions to recover health or other ways. An additional cool mechanic would be to give the player Slowness Potion Effect when the bar is down to halfway or make it configurable. The additional mechanic is not necessary for right away, I mainly need to stop health regen in the first version

    2. I also need it to drain hunger while walking around so that players will need to eat a bit more often otherwise they can walk around forever. A configured drain rate would be good but not needed for the first version.

    Also I want this built for 1.5.2 R1.0 of bukkit.

    Commands: I don't think commands are needed but I'll leave that up to you.

    Permissions: None are needed. I want this plugin to apply to all players.

    When I'd like it by: Flexible.

    Note: If you like this idea, reply and support it. Thanks for reading.
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    I love following you Chaos, you make requests that "I" certainly do "NOT" copy LOL!.
    Anyways, id like someone to do this request too!
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    Thanks for the support. Too bad no one wants to take this on. Even if they just did the walking part of the request, it would work really well for me.
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    I will see if I can do this. But I have a few things to do before I can start.
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    I can also look into this. I will update you if I can or cannot work on this.
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    This has been successfully made thanks to Mariopart on bukkitdev. You can find it at this bukkitdev link:
    FoodBar Mechanic Changer
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    "[REQ][FORMATTED]" This is the plugin request section. All posts should be a request and should be formatted, so there's no need to add that to your title. If it's not a request or not formatted it will be moved or ignored, respectively.
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    Dude, I was making this request filled. And I honestly don't care. I was told by a staff member when I first joined to put [REQ] and [FORMATTED] in my posts. So, respectfully, thanks for the free bump.
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    Chaositic, he is quite right. It is very pointless to have that in your title
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    Thanks for the bump. However, all you're doing is telling me you didn't read the first post or when it was first created. The fact is that I bumped my thread after marking it filled and provided a bukkitdev link. All you've done is told me that my post I made on July 7th shouldn't contain [REQ] and [FORMATTED] in it. Currently, I don't even look at a post if it doesn't at least say [FORMATTED] in the title. I'm also not going to change it because despite what you say, there are no rules against putting them in the title. I've also had no problems with people noticing my threads so I'd like to think they enhance the request a bit.

    Now with that said, don't bother replying just to tell someone something so trivial. It's a waste of a post. Go tell people who don't format their posts to follow the formatting guide.

    Have a good day.

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