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    Plugin category: Chat, Admin

    Suggested name: ChatReplace Addon

    What I want: I want a plugin that adds some very specific commands that comes with permissions for each. In particular, the commands I'm looking for are:
    /disconnect - acts as if the player pressed Escape and clicked Disconnect.
    /selfslap - forces a default hit of 1 heart damage to the player typing this with a small knockback.
    /selfcombo - launches the user high into the air and then makes them run /spawn after so they take full damage
    A function that forces a player to say a configurable word in chat that I would simply make it auto replaced. I'm hoping for being able to make multiple configurable words. The limitations of sudo is that you can't force someone to say something in chat. You can only sudo a user to /tell someone or /msg them.

    Ideas for permissions: cra.disconnect, cra.selfslap, cra.selfcombo, cra.keyword (keyword would be the word configured).
    An example for cra.keyword would be configuring a random phrase GORIGHTNOW123 into the config so the permission then becomes cra.GORIGHTNOW123.

    Why I am requesting this: The plugin http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/chatreplace/ has this unique ability to replace commands with words or with other commands. You can also replace words with commands so what I tend to do is whenever a player types -derp it replaces it with "I tried to do a hack command." which broadcasts to chat. These commands I'm requesting are perfect for getting rid of a hack client user. So someone saying more annoying things like "can i be op" I have it replace that with /suicide but to have functions like /disconnect or /selfslap or /selfcombo and the configurable keywords would make all of this a lot more effective and funny.

    When I'd like it by: This is not necessarily a simple plugin so I'd like to know when you think you can get it out if you take it on.
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    Except those commands aren't sent to the server, they're intercepted by the client. And, if they really want, the hackers can just change the prefix to something else.

    If you're looking for the 'can I be op' thing, try NoobResponse. You can run player and console commands triggered from certain phrases.
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    Damn. I honestly was thinking you could just force the console to kick the player when they're forced to run /disconnect at the very least. But alright, I'll give that plugin a try. Although I still recommend ChatReplace to others.

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    NoobResponse is pretty cool... Auto-answering all the questions. You'll find many uses for it, I'm sure. :)

    Yeah, sadly, it's impossible to detect the hacking client commands. It's been asked for plenty of times, though; you're not alone. :p
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    Well with commandspy I actually see their commands even if they do -derp I can see it. I could just replace the - with something else and that would render every -hack command useless unless you meant you can configure them to be /hack instead of just -hack.

    Also with noobresponse, I like the console commands but the replies are from the plugin. ChatReplace is actually forcing them to say something in chat. That's what I like about it the most. I'll still try noobresponse though.
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    I don't know if you know anything about hacking clients or not, but the chat messages arent sent out to the server. They are seen and stopped by the client 1st.

    The Commands Never Leave the client. Never have, never will. For them to stop the message at the server would require a plugin, which would be stupid and impractical.
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    As far as I know, it's impossible to detect any sort of client hacking "commands". They're never sent to the server, they go straight through the client. That's why you don't see them in chat...

    But yes, most clients let you change the prefix of the command.

    NoobResponse was geared towards your command about the automatic /suicide on 'can i be op'. There are other plugins that allow you to "fake" a chat message from a user, but NR isn't one of them. It's purely for answering questions that people ask over, and over, and over again. ;)

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