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    Plugin Category- MECH

    Plugin Name - CCTV Camera

    What I want: Everyone's seen or heard of the CCTV camera mod. I've had an idea for how it could be made in SMP. the CCTV mod involves 2 components: the camera block and the screen, which is a modified painting. I think the Camera block could be a dispenser, which is the closest thing in the game to a camera. It could have a crafting recipie, such as a dispenser added to an eye of ender. The screen would be a painting with a custom recipie (painting surrounded by redstone) that would, when right-clicked, perform a function similar to that of the plugin called "spectate". it would give you a first person view as if you were inside the dispenser. there could be commands to link a certain painting with a certain camera, or you could do it using different colors of wool that they were placed on.

    This is really more of an idea than a request, but since several people have requested this, I felt like i'd provide a way it might could be done. I myself don't have the experience needed to code this, but if someone else does I'd certainly like it!

    Thanks for reading!
  2. Completely Impossible.

    This whole forum is flooded with "CCTV". >.<

    A plugin modifies the SERVER it cannot modify the CLIENT in any way and by changing the texture of a painting you are editing a TEXTURE file in the CLIENT therefore its impossilbe.
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    if you actually read what I said, It isn't. I've got enough experience to know what's possible and what isn't, thanks very much. plugins can add crafting recipies, and i've seen plugins that do things like give boats special properties if crafted with a different recipie.

    the painting wouldn't be a screen; but if you right click the painting it does something similar to the plugin "spectate" and gives you a first-person view from where the camera is. The view doesn't appear on the painting's screen itself; rather it's a first person view directly to your "eyes". I'm fairly completely certain this is possible. it involves teleporting the player invisibly to the location of the camera.

    I'd appreciate it if you actually read what I write before writing angry negative replies. Thank you.
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    Well I think it would be worthwhile to be made, seems like an interesting way to have CCTV-like functionality without client mods. Required client mods are not for everyone, I use them myself (though not Spout) because they provide a way to overcome the limitations of server-only plugins, but they drastically reduce how many users are capable of or willing to connect to your server.

    Using teleportation and invisibility like the Spectate plugin is fairly clever. And it would be useful too, imho, even for normal users - Spectate is more meant as an admin tool, but I could see average players using a CCTV based on the same concept. Anyone want to try to make this plugin? Spectate, which it could be based off of, is open source: https://github.com/Chipmunk9998/Spectate
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    If you mean, that right-clicking the painting would make you invisible, teleport you to a dispenser and freeze you, I would say this could be possible. How this could work:
    1. Type something like /cctv create camera [camera name]
    2. Hit a dispenser (or whatever you want to be a camera)
    3. then type something like /cctv create screen [screen name]
    4. Right-click the block you want to be a screen
    5. Then type /cctv link [camera name] [screen name]
    6. The next time you right-click the screen, it will make you invisible,
    teleport you to the camera and freeze you
    7. When you get ready type /cctv stop (or something like that) and it will teleport
    you back to the screen
    However, I would leave the custom crafting recipe, because that needs a client modification.
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    could work similar to beds (stuck with open chat). I am not into coding but to me it sounds possible.
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    what you're saying is EXACTLY what I meant. however, i believe that crafting recipies can be done with solely server mods, can they not? so long as the created item isn't new.
  8. ^ Ill work on that
    and btw I was angry when I posted that 1st comment.. sorry :3

    BUG EDIT :
    About the teleportation, when you teleport, you will be suffering inside the camra and by adding telepotation to the nearest air block instead, you may end up not where you want to be example :

    Build a camera to monitor an underground build. End up teleporting to the surface. How am I going to fix that....hmmm....


    EDIT :


  9. This sounds like an awesome plugin, I'm totally into this. Just an idea, how about the block in front of the dispenser...
  10. I will make it so that any block can be a screen :3
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    totally okay, sayaad. and awesome that you'll make it, as well. I really don't care how it works exactly; the whole thing was just an idea I had because of so many requests for this kinda thing on this forum. but thanks for making it!
  12. This plugin is not impossible,but really hard and would be more efficient and easier to make with spout.
  13. Test Build done! I've tested myself and seems to work great.


    Commands :
    camera <name> - Creates a camera of the next left clicked block
    screen <name> - Creates the screen of the next right-clicked block
    link <camera name> <screen name> - Links the two
    exit - exits the view when in a camera

    NOTES :
    • ONLY CREATE ONE SET OF CAMERAS AT A TIME(that is, only one link at a time).
    • be sure to have a block underneath the camera or things will get messy
    • One player can create a link at a time, any others will receive a message sayign another player is currently creating a camera.
    Perms :

    • cctv.create - all the above commands

    np :3
    Tell me any bugs you come across other than the ones in the Notes section as Im not going to be able to fix those without recoding the entire thing.

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    ha... proven wrong... well done sayaad. when will you release it to the forums/bukkitdev?
  15. I was not proven wrong that was not what you posted CCtv is much different then this workaround.
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    nope... not really. that's exactly what I posted. if you actually read what i'd posted, what sayaad is making is almost exactly what I wanted. The whole point of this page is to give a viable SMP spout-less alternative to the popular CCTV camera mod for single player. Apparently my initial post was slightly unclear; I just thought using a dispenser and a painting would be the closest thing to a camera and a screen- what sayaad is making is really a lot more flexible and, to be honest, better. he's allowing the use of any block for screen and any block for camera.

    (Sayaad, you might want to make that configurable. otherwise, a player could secretly spy on another player by making a block of the other player's house into a camera)
  17. Added
  18. That is nothing like you suggested it teleports you to the block/npc and turns you invisible "Spectating the person"was what you suggested and who says this wouldn't be more efficient with spout?
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    Oh lol i was working on something like this but was gonna use something like Block Disguise so your disguised as a block and when you do /camera name you would go there but disguised as configured block :p but i guess sayaad did it instead :p good job tho
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    I never said this wouldn't be more efficient with spout, and I think sayaad's planning an eventual spout version as well. but spout isn't used on lots of servers, so it makes sense to make a plugin that can be used on all of them. "Spectating the person" refers to the plugin "spectate", which basically teleports you to the person you're watching, makes them invisible to you, and makes you follow them around. I was referring to "spectate" because it's the closest thing to this plugin already out there. the difference is in this one you're watching from a block rather than a player.
  21. I read your post wrong,I thought you were suggesting of getting a first person view of the person like this.
    Dispenser shoots ------->Person
    You see what the person sees.
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    Perfectly fine. I'm really wishing more and more that my initial post made more sense. It's not very easy to understand :{
  23. dibujaron This is just too complicated for a normal bukkit plugin and would be easier and more possible to make using the spout api. Post this idea on spout.org on the forums in the plugin requests section.
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    BlueMond416 Apparently people don't understand what I want with this. the whole point of it was to provide a way that CCTV could be done without spout and without clientside mods. What sayaad is making is almost exactly what I wanted. While it's true that lots of servers use spout, it's also true that a whole lot more use bukkit without spout. This plugin can cater to the whole bukkit community. I'm not sure about this, but I believe Sayaad, the dev producing this, is planning a spout version as well.
  25. Yea you should use spout (Suggestion)When the spout is released I think its possible to port the mod completly.Or if you question I meant the Spout Server.
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    I don't use spout on my server personally as a lot of my players are pretty much noobs and don't want to mod their client. thus, no spout. When the Modding API from 1.4 comes out I'll look into something like that. I hear the API is supposed to do everything spout is trying to do. maybe it's just a rumor.
  27. Plugin done! Bukkit dev page :
  28. Nope I highly doubt that....
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    Who knows, though right? does anyone know what it IS supposed to do? besides drag-and-drop plugins for singleplayer? It would be SUPER nice if it did do spout stuff though. we can only hope.

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