[REQ]Destroys OP's items upon death

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by cheepz, Mar 13, 2011.

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    Hello, I'm wondering if someone could create a plugin that would destroy an OP's items upon their death.

    For example, an OP with 50 golden apples. He walks and dies, he doesn't know where he is, a random player comes along and picks it up,

    That player now has 50 golden apples, and its terrible for the economy system for 50 golden apples to be suddenly put into the game.

    I'd like a plugin that erases all the OP's items when they die, so we don't have to worry about players picking up our spawned items.

    If this could have permissions support that would be great, but the plugin alone would be nice.

    Thank you in advance if any plugin-dev creates this plugin. ^-^
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    I'll keep this in mind if I have some spare time
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    Stephen A.

    Yes especially if an OP has something like an inventory full of brown wool, cocoa beans, sponge(especially if that is your currency!) or something like that. Also Leaf Blocks, halfdoors, bedrock for patching holes in the bottom layer, and so on.
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    Alex Nolan

    Hmm, I needed a project. I think I'll try to make this.
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    I'll leave it up to you then :p
    Didn't have time for this anyway.
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    Alex Nolan

    Done. Right now this is alpha and very hacky, bukkit doesn't like it when you mess with inventories around the time when the player respawns :(. Implementing that OP's don't drop anything was pretty easy, but I decided to add my own feature, when the respawn they will respawn with their items :D. Once again I'll say this is alpha software, so it may lag your server or cause some unexpected stuff (I hope not though). After some more testing and more features I'll actually post it in it's own thread, but I'll let you have it now :D http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=00424527451591275924. Let me know how it works :)
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    Excellent work Alex, I'll be test running this on my own box.
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    Alex Nolan

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