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    I hope you know about this popular game mode from Garry's Mod! If not, it would be hard to grasp.

    Recently I have played a game mode called DarkRp in Garry's Mod. Frankly, it is an awesome server mode that is completely possible to pull off as a plugin. This IS a big request and it would be complicated to make.

    In DarkRp, you join the game as a Citizen and you are able to choose a job from a list of jobs. Some jobs require a vote to get into, like Civil Protection (Police), Mayor, and other things like Thieves. Others you can join but they have a limit to how many players can join that job, like Gun Dealer (3-5 people), Thief (2 people) and Mayor (1 person). The last category is the job you can have that you do not need a vote for and that has no limit of how many players can be playing that job, like Citizen, Hobo, Gangster, etc.

    Also, the map you play in is a rather small city built comfortably for around 40 people. The map itself will be unbreakable, but you can rent doors for an x amount of money every x amount of minutes, like 20 bucks every 10 minutes you own a door, and 40 every 10 minutes if you own two, etc.

    Just because you can't break anything doesn't mean you can't place anything! There would be a concern on people spamming blocks all over the place, so there is a block limit. The block limit is exactly like the prop limit, accept instead of 50 props it would be, lets say, 300 blocks per user. Once a player leaves, all placed blocks from them are cleaned up. Blocks are free! That's why there would be a limit and a blacklist (TnT, etc)! People will not be able to mess around with other's blocks unless they get permission from that user.

    Each class, when chosen, have you spawn with a set of items that should be configurable. For the convenience of the reader, I will not list every class description/item list here. Actually, the best place to get it from is here: http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=DarkRP#The_Gamemode_Itself

    If a developer wants to take up this project, I will help them determine what items should be used for the "weapons" that each class gets.

    Suggestions Please! This would be an AWESOME plugin to use :D

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