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    I feel that we need a real Herobrine plugin. "HerobrineBasic" and "HerobrineUnleashed" are practiaclly busted, and "Herobrine v.09" itself spawns a zombie instead of Herobrine, and it lacks many features. What this one would need is when you build his altar, the weather turns dark and stormy (like the "Herobrine" plugin) and the redstone torches turn into torches, and Herobrine spawns with two lightning bolts hitting right next to him, and says something like "You cant escape" or "Only god can save you now" and he jumps at you with a gold sword and says "Do not doubt my power!" and right before he hits you he would disappear. In a few seconds the altar should disappear with an explosion, thus destroying the altar and Herobrine says "I'm watching you". The weather should reset to sunny and about noon. In about 3 minutes the players on the bukkit server should be noticing random structures built near their them. The structures should be pyramids, 2x2 holes in the rocks, and all the other Herobrine things. The players should also notice blocks placed by them deleted and replaced either with a sign like "you can escape" or something like that, or a redstone torch. Another creepy thing is the world can generate long straight down 1x1 holes marked by a sign that says "Help me!" that goes to to almost bedrock (where diamonds are found). The hole would have a full ladder system and lit by redstone torches. When the player(s) reaches the bottom, they should enter a totally dark room with herobrine in it, and 1 block of diamond ore next to him, lit by one redstone torch. Herobrine would say "please dont hurt me" or something similar to that and if the player does attack him, he/she would lose 5 hearts and be flung back and herobrine would say "Do not attack me" . Then he says "look, a present for you" He would throw you an iron pickaxe and let you mine the diamond. When you mine it or after a set time, herobrine would disappear with an explosion (only it doesnt do any damage to anything) and when the smoke clears, a sign would be there saying "good luck". and the enterance to the room would turn to bedrock and lava starts falling from the ceiling. If the players escape to the surface, they will be rewarded. More things that herobrine would do is leave signs in the ground saying "You know i am still watching you" or stuff like "You cant escape" and the famous "Stop." Herobrine would have the ability to throw fire like the "Blaze" mobs and he should take 15 arrows or 10 diamond sword hits to kill, and when he dies, the "ender dragon" effect would show, and he would drop 10-15 diamonds and gold blocks, and all the materials of the structures and the altars. And say "I shall return..." There should also be a config file in which you can edit the probability of each of these features, how strong he is, etc. Player commands would also be present. This would be one of the coolest plugins ever for bukkit!
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    Sounds like a pretty well thought out plugin, I hope someone could take you on and try to implement as many features of this as possible!
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    Dang! That's not something i would put on my server, but it sounds like a pretty epic idea! Almost all of that should be doable too!
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    It's indeed a good idea, I wouldn't put it on my server either, I wonder how it could cope with several different people making these 'altars' in different locations around the world, I try to keep my server as fun as possible without effecting the survival aspect of mining diamond.
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    Thanks for the positive replies guys, I wouldn't put it on my normal server either, but I am hosting a "special" server in which I direct a sort of "mysterious" story to my friends set in a fictional area in ancient Roman times, and we are in the part when our huge fortress was destroyed while we were in the Nether, and I am blaming it on Herobrine in Israphel, so this plugin would be perfect.
  6. Wow, not only do you not read my posts before hating, but you have no concept of Herobrine. If you would take the time to read the plugin information before updating, you would see I'm releasing 1.0 (which fixes the skin), any day now and that the skin is a bug. And yes, BasicHerobrine and HerobrineUnleashed are busted, because I discontinued them to move onto bigger and better things. Additionally, none of these concepts are even close to the myths and Herobrine's hMod plugin (iLoveYou.) If you know anything about the legends, he almost never talks, rarely attacks the player, and doesn't say things like "Don't hurt me." So next time, before you pull out my plugins and say things about them because YOU can't read the original post, think twice.

    1. The signs? Mine does that.
    2. Throw fireballs? He isn't mario.
    3. 10 diamond sword hits? Mine does that.
    4. Ender effect? Not possible.
    5. Gold and diamond blocks? He isn't a vending machine.
    6. He acts on his own, he isn't a command based plugin.

    Your concept of Herobrine is more like a mugger then the true legend. If you see Herobrine for more then 10 seconds, your idea of him is wrong. He is rarely seen, rarely does actions, and rarely talks. Your's is some attention-demanding mugger whom's aim is to kill the player. Herobrine is supposed to haunt the player, make them think something is wrong, but at the same time, not let them know he's there. Additionally, I have done ALL actions that he did back on iLoveYou, and everything the wiki says along with what my users want, but each and every action has its own twist to ensure it fits, and isn't some mugger asking you not to hurt him.

    And if its missing features, for the love of god, instead of asking for a whole new plugin, tell me and maybe I'll add them, because at this point, you're wasting two developer's time. The skin issue is because I don't want his name to show, like the legend says. Your's would require the name, and to be an npc, in order to hold the sword, so you're contradicting yourself.
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    Before you come and troll on peoples posts, this is a request for a plugin, this is how he interprets Herobrine to be even if it is not the 'correct' legend it's his request so let him put it.
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    and it could add some music or other effects with Spout ^^
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    Thanks for the backup man
  10. He pulled out my plugin(s), and criticized them, thats open for me to drop a message.
    I put a lot of work into those plugins and don't enjoy them being criticized by some person who doesn't even have a grasp on the ideas of it. Thats like someone running for president when they have no knowledge on politics, and them saying that Obama doesn't know what he's doing.
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    Sorry if I offended you. I tried your plugin and it is awesome. You do know a lot more about plugins than me. When v.1 comes out, it would be great if you integrated idea for those 1x1 deep tunnels with the diamond. I also read on the Minecraft wiki that Herobrine creates cobblestone complexes underground and traps the player. Adding those things and fixing the skin would be AWESOME. Just a suggestion -camsterguy
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    He is merely stating what he wants for a plugin not what you have already done, he appreciates yours but wants a plugin like the one he suggested that's what plugin requests are for.
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    i think this plugin is a very well thought over idea! you have alot of things that id like to have on my server, and i hope it comes true :D

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