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  1. I have been searching the forums for a mod that will take the chat log and put it into a database or other format. We have a lot of players on our server and some of them like to argue till they get banned or reported. Currently I have to look thought the server.log file and filtering thought the logs to find the chat logs just to see what was said. This can be a little annoying.

    If someone has already made something similar to this please would you link me.

    Thank you for your time.
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    Would you prefer for this to use MySQL, SQLite, flatfile or XML format? I haven't attempted SQLite, but happily will. Flatfile and MySQL are the easiest.
  3. I can use the output of XML and MySQL to make a page and the flatfile i can use ftp or putty to scan though. So its up to you.

    Thank you :D
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    hi SharpShot,

    i made a plugin that can do what you need: CustomLog
    if you want, I can help you to write the config file.
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    I agree with this! I've been looking for a chat log for a while. :)
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    Daily logs to split them.

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