[Req] Ban Tool with / or just Banlist Customizer

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by rodier, Nov 26, 2011.

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    Hi all ;)
    Im searching and searching and cant find any simple easy ban tool, which will have customizable banlist.

    What it does:
    there are 2 options:
    a) whole ban tool, with customizable banlist
    b) just some format tool which will take bukkit banlist from root folder, format it by design set in config file and put it in folder (also set in config filee).

    Uses: Its for everyone who dont know php language or another one to parse lists on own and maybe even for people like me, who cant have real web server on Minecraft machine.

    - no one required, everything can be automatic trough config file, just maybe
    /bl reload - reload config file
    /bl stop - stop making banlist

    Config file:

    # here we will be able to set format of banlist (with html or newline codes?): like.. %date% - %time% - %player% - %reason%
    format: '....'

    #how often in minutes it will generate this banlist (from own resource OR banlist from bukkit in rooot)
    regen: ''

    #directory where final banlist will be written (it will start from server root)

    Thanks for your time reading this. And if you know any plugin, that can do this.. tell me. Cause I spent hours of searching for that.
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    Take a look on BanAxe :)
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    I found KiwiAdmin fine ;) but its outdated
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    Use FigAdmin
    FigAdmin is an updated version of KiwiAdmin

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