[REQ]Armor\weapon customisation[SPOUT]

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    Name: ArmorC

    What plugin do: Allows to change armor\weapon characteristic(damage, armor, additional hp, item health etc.

    Config example:
    type: aromor
    id: #id of armor
    health: 10 # armor health
    additional hp: 20 #additional hp while whearing it
    type: weapon
    id: #id of weapon
    damage: # weapon damage
    health: #weapon health

    #And if spoutmaterials are on server

    Spoutitems: on\off

    type: armor\weapon
    id: 10002 #id of obsidian sword added by spoutmaterials
    damage and etc

    Commands: /reload - reload config file

    Permissions: armorc.reload

    It would be nice to make this plugin work with SpoutMaterials by znickq.
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    Possible without Spout, unless you want to add new items.
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    It is optional, if you can't you may not make that :)

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