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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Aangiix3, Jun 4, 2012.

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    why not use -chat straight away, if that is the first command they need to toggle the "-commands" off, and then log them in a file or ban em, (configurable)

    Just put loads of prefixes in that won't conflict with minecraft or other "leggit" mods??

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  2. That won't work either...
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    Okay, but why?
  4. If you read the whole thread, I think the answer is obvious.

    (They can just change the command key)
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    thats what I meant, put all possible command keys in there (prefixes)
  6. On a typical keyboard there are over 100 keys the player could use; so say you ask them to use one at random... You have a 1/100 chance of picking the key they are using; and even once you do that, they can simply change the key in-game.
  7. Well you'd just change it... So this plugin requires you to login with a -login with every single key in the whole flipping universe! That'd be desirable for a server :p

    alogin blogin clogin dlogin... login /login .login #login ~login
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    hehe ye lol, but, okay, the chance to pick someone out is very little, your right.
    In my opinion I wouldn't use this anyway, forcing players to do something is annoying for them, also, there will not be a leak-closed solution unless bukkit and minecraft clients get a server to client by default (like spout)
  9. You could just edit the config and reload it without leaving the server.
  10. If that was a response to mine, sorry :p I didn't look at the 2nd page, and was responding to something on the first page...


    And yeah, I didn't think about that >.< I haven't used Nodus in a while. Haven't done any recent tests...

    I've got to change my password and all that, and I'm too lazy for that :p
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    I didnt know there was a config file either. Now i do :) Time to spread the word!
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    you didnt account for the -chat (words here) feature that is included in nodus.... You can type anything in the ()'s and it still goes into chat... The entire idea is rendered useless for those who know how to use the client...
  13. Haven't we all established this? :confused: :p
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    Haha apparently not enough... Tronty must have removed his post :p
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    But people can just use
    -chat -login
    or something like that
    And besides, the new Nodus doesn't need - anymore.
  16. Kudos for thinking about this, it's a really good idea. Turn those hackers' advantages back on themselves. I think that's a lot of the thought pattern that you need to have to get a grip on the cheaters... I definitely am going to keep solutions like this in mind (hopefully ones with a little less way to get around it and less of a bother to other normal players) in the future.

    The greatest thing is, you don't even have to block everything, you just have to sit there and screw with people's clients and make it so difficult to actually hack that it takes effort. Minecraft players don't like effort, or at least not most of the kids that download a client and join servers proclaiming that they have just coded the best hacks in the world... So as long as you can piss them off so much and make it so annoying to cheat that they just end up leaving, you've done your job.
  17. That's so true, and an excellent way to phrase it! Make the hackers feel frustrated; that's the way to go. If there's the occasional persevering one, a nice dose of NoCheat+ action will never hurt.
  18. *cough* or AntiCheat, that never hurts either. Probably less so ;D *cough*
  19. Yes, or AntiCheat :p

    Speaking of that, I wish that you two would work together to make the ultimate hack stopper..
    But sadly, it's hard collaborating, I'm sure...

    Do you need some cough drops? That was a very long cough. :p
  20. I would link the whole issue about "HEY let's make one uniting plugin that will replace all the others! And then being left with just another alternative..." but you're right, and I don't want to get this thread off topic.
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    This won't be a very helpful plugin, the developer (Scetch) allows you to change what goes before the command (Example : !autogrief on) and he ENCOURAGES everyone who griefs to do so... griefers will always have a slight advantage over Bukkit coders because they actually change the client.

    EDIT: Didn't see Neon's OP. :p and Obfsblahblah can easily be bypassed by griefers.. All they have to do is add in code where it surronds ores in blue, Obfsblahblah still shows a bunch of random ores, but the blue around the block will let the player know...
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    Especially now with the new nodus client griefers now have a console to type in to no commands needed which makes it harder to stop griefers and to disable nodus...
  23. Ok guys, I think we have established that the original idea won't work as it was described..
  24. How would that work? I wasn't aware the client could tell the difference between spoofed blocks and real ones.
  25. Orebusfuscator cannot be bypassed.
  26. Someone just lock this.. lol
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    Simple, -spam 1 -. That will display '-' once to the server chat. Easy bypass, waste of a plugin.
  28. You've won the redundancy trophy! Congratulations on your inability to read a whole thread before replying!
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  29. I agree with sillyrosster . Someone, please lock this.
  30. But in 1.4, the server is going to be sending the client files to download and install leaving it easier to get players to play legit

    that's what i read, anyway.
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