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Is this a good idea?

  1. Yes

  2. Nope

  3. Semi

  1. mrsagency Well, hunger is not stamina. :D Stamina does automatically refill, hunger bar does not. And you speak about energy, so... But anyways, I'd like to do something like that, I probably just don't have time and I don't know how to do that sitting animation. The rest I could do, but, I can't. :/ Maybe sometimes later, if you really can't find someone. ;)
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    Okay, I know my mistakes...
    Nevertheless, stamina is not what this plugin is using about. so let's talk about this topic?
  3. mrsagency well, then, what is your "energy" about?
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    The "energy" is a meter that requires sleep/meditation to refill, and it is a independent meter that burns out over time(as long as you online in a server, you're burning it)
    The main idea for "energy" is for players to sleep on bed to restore, makes their time shorter a little as they have to spend some in sleeping. However, when you can't sleep right the minute to recover, meditation is another way to do so, but with slower pace.
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    Thank you, can you make this plugin? I really want to see this awesome plugin running in servers...
  6. mrsagency I told you already, I can do the energy thing part, but not the sitting animations etc. But I do not think that I would do it, I have to learn for school and I'm working on my own RPG project. I told you too that I might do it sometimes later, when really noone makes it, but it would be without any animations. Or I might look into that animationLib you provided.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Lionhard 2 options here ( that are useful for you )
    1. hook into the lib
    2. don't look at the sitting
  8. timtower But might be a bit weird meditating in standing ;)
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  10. mrsagency Yeah, I think I already told you taht I could use that AnimationLib.
    Here: "Or I might look into that animationLib you provided.".
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    From the conversation from Lionhard, he seems he is not able to accomplish this plugin development.
    I'm hoping someone can volunteer to make this plugin!
    EDIT: He makes a conversation with me privately...

    Lionhard Please paste your RPG plugin which used the energy bar concept here for sharing :), everyone will appreciate that.
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    Can anyone make this??? Please~

    Don't let me repeat once more...:mad:

    <Merged double post - Bumping is allowed only every 24 hours - Necrodoom>
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  15. mrsagency I can't just look at that... noeone answers to you :( I'll try to do it, probably. :D I just don't know how to do the animations - the animationLib didn't work for me. Do you really need the animations? Or havvev another solution?
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    mrsagency Once I have more time, I might be able to do this for you if no one else already has by then.
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  18. mrsagency
    Me and my development team will begin working on it soon. We should be able to get it done in a fair time frame.

    Please add me on skype for updates:
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    HeyAwesomePeople Thank you for helping! Sorry I don't have a skype...
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    bump :((((
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    i think it is a great idea unfortunately i do not have the coding power do make that sorry.
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    If I had the time I would, this one would take more than I have. I would love to see this made though.
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    + SleepyFeeling is getting Re-Coded +

    I was away for quite a long time due to school stuff e.t.c. Now that i have some more time, i am going to update my plugins. It will take a week or more, but i will try to rewrite it for faster and easier configuration.
    Old project: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/sleepyfeeling/
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    vasil7112 Are you going to add the features from this suggestion thread?

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