{REQ}A Plugin to measure donations and give players a ranks depending on the price range

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  1. Plugin category: MECH/ADMN

    Suggested name: Not sure, perhaps BetterDonate

    What I want: A plugin that could hook in with buycraft that stores how much a player has spent in the donation shop, and automatically gives them ranks based on the range of money they have donated fits in to.
    0-5$ = VIP Coal
    $5.01-10$ = VIP Iron etc.
    I would like this info to be stored in a secure database also, perhaps mySQL.
    This would be useful for a server that uses a point system to buy vip perks, and players can buy point packages of different sizes
    It should also have a simple clean config file

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin, except perhaps a reload plugin

    Ideas for permissions: pluginname.reload

    When I'd like it by: Sometime in January, but as soon as possible
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  3. As I mentioned, buycraft does not support players giving players ranks based on how much they spend overall in the shop. It also has the packages at a fixed price. Please read the post fully next time
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    Ah sorry I was tired and just skimmed over it, missed some points, and buycraft was the first thing that came to mind. My bad, I see if I can find anything else that does this.

    I'm not sure how possible it would be to make a plugin that integrates with buycraft, as I'm sure the buycraft author would only want his plugin working with his website. The donator plugin integrates with your own webserver and mysql server but I don't think it has the ability to give ranks based on how much was paid over all :(

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    I do know for a fact the buycraft team are making this right now, but i don't know when it will be released. It may be easier to do it manually and wait rather than have someone make it.
  6. Perhaps just a plugin that we can specify buycraft to use a command to modify? for example when player buys 'package' it also preforms a command to add [points] to {name}
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    My plugin DonationPoints uses a points system for Donations, but doesn't automatically rank users. Perhaps give it a look?

    I was thinking of a feature similar to the one above to add to DonationPoints to automatically rank players based on how many points they have -- wasn't sure exactly how I wanted this implemented though. I'll think on it and add a way of doing just that. I'm thinking it would operate just like so: If a player reaches a certain number of points, it moves their rank and the points can't be spent. Suggestions for exactly how you would want such a feature if you choose to go with that plugin would be appreciated.

    Link to DonationPoints in my signature.
  8. I have seen your plugin, but compared it to PointShop and figured PointShop suited my needs better, as you can group permissions into bundles. Perhaps if donation points had 2 types of points, rank points and currency points? where when a player donates they get 5 rank points and 20 currency points, They cant spend rank points, but they can spend currency points on perks? It would also be a neat feature to add a command to check how many points they need to become the next rank
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    I like the idea of points that can't be spent. I'll probably call them CumulativePoints or whatever. In the config you can enable / disable the use of Cumulative points and they can be added with commands (similar to the main points).

    In the config, you will be able to define a list of commands to be executed when a player reaches a certain amount of cumulative points.
  10. This would be a nice way to make your plugin more unique! Also, another nice suggestion would be (Similar to PointShop) to add packages of permissions players can buy, and packages of these packages. And also perhaps a limit as to how many times a player can buy a package. For example, I want a player to buy the +5 warps pack, but I don't want players to be able to create infinite warps, so I put a limit of 5 purchases on this package, so each player can buy the package 5 times then no more. Similarly, I don't want players buying the same package twice wasting their points, so I set a limit of one purchase per player on it. Would you think about implementing this to your plugin? If so, it would be spot on to my requirements.
    P.S. The packages of a package would be useful if I want to sell perks from a plugin separately as perks, but have it cheaper to buy the entire plugins perks at once. This may also raise the issue of players buying perks twice :/ It could be fixed by 'Players cant buy 'Package' if they bought 'other package' though... This is a long post....
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    I could most definitely see implementing limits. I'll get back to coding right after the holidays.
  12. Awesome! Thanks :)

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