[REQ] A plugin to disable portals in nether.

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Tadas159, Jun 10, 2011.

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    Hello everyone
    I need a plugin that disables making portals in the nether, but i want to make portals in the real world, because people now can go to the nether border and make a portal to the real world and then my real map will expand, and i don't want that. It would be cool if it would have permissions.
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    i dont see any point in disable portals in the nether. if u dont want people to expand your world u could use the plugin border or worldguard and setup a blacklist for the nether so people cant place obsidion blocks.
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    Hello I have a little problem with ur plugin :(
    I have set '*' permission in permission plugin for me as an Admin of server,
    I have permission to 'noportals.normal.deny' so i can't make portals (normal player can make portals).
    Could you add 'noportals.normal.allow' permission ?
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    You should use permissions like this if u don't want them
    Just add "-" to the permission.
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    Big thanks !
    I was looking for this in permissions but i couldn't find.
    Everything works now.

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