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Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by xTrollxDudex, Nov 26, 2014.

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    Should we report posts that spoonfeed? Honestly they usually respond to a more reputable member and telling them to stop giving him links, then posting the exact code.
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    This is really a debatable subject. As much as I abhor spoonfeeding someone, it's not something I would really want the report function used for. If the new staff want to handle that, it would be up to them, but not with the report function.
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    The result of countering them sometimes causes flamewars, wouldn't it be better to remove it and notify them instead of locking the thread later on when it goes out of control?
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    Then don't counter it? Honestly, the community is here to help the community. It's not directly a moderators job to stop a user from spoonfeeding another user, as much as it is pointless because they are not really learning. Now if a user starts begging for code, starts mutliple threads for it, or PMs users for code, then it becomes a moderator issue.

    Just stopping someone from spoonfeeding is not. I can not condone giving someone an infraction for such a thing, even if it's against my principles.
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    Oh no, that's not the point. So no action will be taken to "limit" this?
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    That action would be to the discretion of the new moderators to police it themselves if they so wish to keep it limited, if at all. What I am saying is this is not something that the report button should ever be used for as it is not a direct infraction of the rules, nor would I want to put a "no spoonfeeding" rule in place as some people generally do learn getting code this way.
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    Understood, thanks.
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    I don't think it is necessary to take any actions against spoonfeeding.
    I don't like it either but fact is that spoonfeeding is not against the rules.
    And as long as these posts help people and actually contribute to the Thread,
    I think it is at least "ok".
  9. xTrollxDudex I don't think spoonfeeding posts should be deleted, it is not against the rules and in the end it is all down to the maker of the thread, he can either ask for an explanation/commented code or just accept it and not learn. If a flame war does happen either one of us will step in and control it.
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    If you do see a post that spoonfeeds code, I think the best thing to do would be post why the code works the way it does. Help the OP understand what changed and why.

    That way your helping out the spoonfeeder, OP, and anyone else who comes across the thread, along with preventing a future flamewar.

    (Just thought I would contribute my thoughts)
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    To add to this, if such flame wars start to form, feel free to report the thread, then we will handle accordingly.
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    Personally, spoon feeding is okay ONLY when there is a legitimate explanation to the code given that the user reads. I've had to be spoon fed before, but it was when I just started with Bukkit, and let's admit, we were all clueless at one point.
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    Some things are better left for the OP to figure out. You won't learn as much when somebody else does the thinking for you. However, posting code as long as you explain is ok. I still prefer to just explain things because people are going to copy code no matter what, even if they read the explanation or not. If I post snippets of code, I sneak in code like System.exit(0) and tell them to remove it in code comments to make sure they don't straight copy & paste.
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