Problem/Bug Replacing certain blocks in a large area

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by arkfish, Feb 14, 2021.

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    I have recently updated my server to 1.16, and with that came Nether gold and gilded blackstone. I normally would be fine with this but due to the server's main money unit being gold ingots, it would make the economy much too inflated because of the ease of mining Nether gold and would drive new players away. I have tried using WorldEdit to replace the Nether gold and gilded blackstone with their non-ore/non-golden counterparts, but it had completely lagged out the server and crashed. Is there any way I can go to the world folder and remove the blocks? I've heard talk of "deleting the block ids" but I have found no way to do this. Any help?
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    I have an idea. I have recently used a plugin called "StoneDrop". It allows you to change the drop from specific block or disable it completely. By default it disables drop from all of the ores and you have a chance to drop the ores from stone.

    Now, install it, restart (or /reload) the server. Then find a folder StoneDrop and a file config.yml.
    On the line 401 you should have a list of blocks, which have custom drop. There add your blocks. Delete "stone" and other options. On the line 441 set ore-drop to true.

    After that you have 2 ways:
    1. SAFER
    In lines 9 to 393 set all of the number values to 0 (e.g. chance: 0.003 ==> chance: 0).
    2. QUICKER
    Just delete all lines from 5 to 282 and set chest-spawn-chance (line 289) to 0.

    If that doesn't work, paste this whole thing below "chances", so line 4:
          chance: 1
          max-amount: 1
          min-amount: 1
    It should change the drop from the ores you chose into dirt.

    I believe this is the plugin I write about:

    I do not guarantee you, that this will help, but *most likely* it would.
    Try it out and write later, whether it helped. If not, we will look for a different solution.
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