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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by silthus, Jan 17, 2014.

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    I am trying to remove all chunks and their corresponding world files around a worldedit selection. Is there any performant way of doing this because the world around the selection may be more than 5GB in size.

    The end goal of this is to copy the whole world and then trim off everything around the selection in the copy. This will then be the raw template for an instance world and will be used and recopied per player.

    Any help, ideas or resources about this are greatly apreciated.

    Thanks in advance :)

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    Do you only need to do it once, or is it really a plugin you are making?
    Check WorldBorder's trim and source, you may learn a few things from it

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    I am implementing this in a plugin. The plugin will be for creating instances just like in WoW. The basic idea is that you select an area in a "dungeon builder" world with worldedit and then create the dungeon from this area.

    The created dungeon template can be modified by a dungeon builder and once finished it is saved. Then everytime a player accesses the dungeon the template world is copied and started as a separate instance. Progress and changes are saved until the instance expires. Then the world is deleted and when the player enters the dungeon the next time a new copy is created.

    The dungeon builder will be able to continue modifing the template and publish new versions of it via commands. Then new instance creations will use this new version. The old version will be saved and can also be accessed.

    I got all API and logic already down, but strugle at the copying process. Thanks for the WorldBorder hint, I can certainly use that.

    If your are interested, the existing source code can be found here:
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