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    I would like to know if there is a plugin that makes you able to just run a command, for example /blockremove piston world which would then remove all pistons from the "world".
    If not, could this be possible to be made? There are sometimes certain items I would like to remove from the whole map which the players have placed, but doing that 1 by 1 is pretty slow and I simply can not find every of them.

    Is there any plugin that could possibly have this kind of feature?
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    You could use WorldEdit, a cuboid editing plugin, to select a large portion of the map, and then replacing e.g. 89 with 0.
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    I have WorldEdit and WorldGuard. Never thought about that, might give it a try.
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    With WorldEdit, do these commands while standing near the center of your map:

    //removenear 34 500
    //removenear 33 500
    //removenear 29 500
    That removes all piston heads, pistons, and sticky pistons within a 500 block radius.

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