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    Plugin category: Sounds

    Minecraft version: 1.14.4

    Suggested name: RegionSounds

    What I want: A plugin where there are region sounds. Using world edit axe or //pos1 and //pos2, it selects a region, then you would use /regionsounds create <name>
    and then /regionsounds play <sound name> <loop:true/false OR times:Number> | More in the 'Ideas for commands:', when you leave the region the music stops playing to the person, when you enter a region, the music starts playing to the person, the loop is when once the sound finishes, it starts playing again.

    List of playable sounds for 1.14.4, :

    Ideas for commands:

    /regionsounds create <name> | Creates a region using world edit positions
    /regionsounds play <sound name> <loop:true/false OR times:Number> | Plays sound
    /regionsounds stop | Stops the sound playing (works for all regions)
    /regionsounds start | Stars the sound playing (works for all regions)
    /regionsounds allstop | Stops the sound playing for everyone (works for all regions)
    /region sounds allstart | Starts the sound playing for everyone (works for all regions)
    /regionsounds remove <name> | Deletes a region

    Ideas for permissions:
    regionsounds.listen.area.<area name> | Permission for a player to listen to a specific region
    regionsounds.listen.area.* | Permission allows player to listen to all music in any region
    regionsounds.stoplistening | Permission to stop music playing for the person
    regionsounds.startlistening | Permission to start music playing for the person
    regionsounds.allstoplistening | Permission to stop everyones music
    regionsounds.allstartlistening | Permission to start everyones music
    /regionsounds.remove | Permission to delete a region

    When I'd like it by: ASAP
    If something doesn't make sense or I have missed something out, or you need me to apply, I will be more than willing to do so! <3 Thank you for your time!

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