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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Taco, Jun 18, 2011.

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  1. I've noticed that lately Bukkit has been cracking down on adfly links quite a bit lately, and I must say I am a bit upset about the issue. Currently, due to some issues irl, the only way I'm making money is through adfly. Due to recent changes, I haven't been making any money.

    My question here is simple: If the main download link isn't an adfly link, why can't an adfly link be available for those who wish to contribute to the devs in that manor?
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    A valid point ... As long as you provide an alternative I don't see the problem.
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    I agree.
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    Maybe you should create a poll, I would definitely support you.
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    Maybe they can add a certain test to be allowed to use
    in certain circomstances (not native english) like the OP
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    i would agree that having an optional adfly link would be nice
  7. Adfly pays shit, anyway. Isn't it like 5$ for 1000 clicks? Rip-off.
    It was banned for a reason, because it can pose a security threat.

    Chris :cool:
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    Obviously not every link will be malicious, but the moderators don't want to have to check every link to make sure this is so. Like Chris said, links were banned for a reason.

    @Walker Crouse See above. The suggestion of allowing the posting of optional download links completely goes against the purpose of the ban.
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    I think this whole ban is just crap. They dont have to check every bloody link. Just check the Developer and if he's trustworthy he should be upped to a second level like "Trused Plugin Developer" and then there should be no need to check the links whatsoever for malicious content thus having an OPTIONAL adfly link in addition to the REQUIRED direct download would be perfectly fine imho. But the admins are just way too "busy" I guess.

    Also they should be checking devs more careful in general before giving out the plugin dev title as Ive seen like 2-3 "Plugin Developers" that are banned now for stealing.
  10. Yes, the admins are busy. Making the software that gives you the gateway to a decent multiplayer experience, and enabling access to the plugin API which gives you your dev badge etc.

    And also, the moderators don't have enough time to check EVERY post to see if it's stolen. If the post is of the right format, and passes the guidelines, they're likely not to give it a second look because of the sheer amount of plugins they have to process.

    Remember who makes the rules around here. It's their software, their system, their rules. It would simply take too much human resources to put into action what you're suggesting. Also, if you're making plugins purely for the monetary gain, you're in the wrong place.

    And even if they have an OPTIONAL adfly link, they can still hide malicious intent with it.

    It's there for a reason, live with it.

    Chris :cool:
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    First: If the admins are too "busy" with developing Bukkit they should hire some admins to do their job.

    Second: Moderators dont have time to check every post? Whats the point of seperating "plugin releases" and "plugin submissions" then? Get more manpower or stop this farce.

    Third: Sure they make the rules. I just post my opinion on this.

    Fourth: No I dont develop for any monetary gain or anything like that. I just don't like the idea of "banning" stuff that could be beneficial to devs just because some stupid users dont get how adfly works.
  12. Why are you using "busy" in quotes? You think you could code Bukkit AND manage the forums and still have spare time? Also, the admins do their job - they maintain the community and provide access to the resource that is Bukkit.

    The Plugin Releases/Submissions separation is only a temporary solution before Fill arrives. Don't start bitching about Fill, either.

    What do you mean by "stupid users don't get how adfly works?"
    People understand exactly how adfly works. It pisses people off just to give someone about 1 cent. And can hide/harbour malicious intent.

    Chris :cool:
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    Don't jump to conclusions. I just put "busy" in quotes because you shouldnt be managing a forum if you are "busy" with other stuff. So don't get me wrong, I just don't think anyone could develop something like Bukkit while properly moderating a forum. Also I don't think anyone is pissed off because a developer gets 1 cent, I mean what kind of screwed up thinking would that be? I think some users just don't get and accidently click on the ads instead of waiting 5 seconds. THATS why there even is the idea that an link could harbor malicious content. As far as I know there hasnt been a single case where an link here was linking to a malicious file.
    I think the problem was that just too many people didnt get how worked, pressed the ads below and thought "hey this link is malicious" while they could(should) just have waited 5 seconds. These peope then wrote emails, pms and god knows what else to the Bukkit team and in the end got banned because of all the complaints. End of story.

    And by "end of story" I mean exactly that. I won't write anything in this thread anymore as it's kinda pointless because EvilSeph wont change anything about the "no"-policy. Why? First because it's just easier this way and second because if he allows it again it would just be "weak" and kinda strange. If an admin decides to ban something it should be for a good reason and not just any good reason will do. It should be a reason so good no other reason could stand against it and that is way has to stay banned now. But honestly I think it shouldnt have been banned in the first place.

    So long ...
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    Why don't those who develop plugins for money go and post their download links over on the Minecraft Forums? That way, you are still getting money and no rules are being broken.
  15. OR instead of wining just use and make it link to ?
  16. Also not allowed. And will very likely get you told off for evading policy.

    Chris :cool:
  17. My whole point in making this thread was that the adfly link would NOT be the main link, so people just breezing through wouldn't have to deal with it. They would have to purposely click the adfly link. Also, I've never once heard of malicious content from adfly. Albeit adfly doesn't pay well, it's all some devs, like myself, have right now. I've never gotten a single donation for my plugins, so adfly generates the only cash I've gotten from my plugins.

    Also, in regards to the admins/mods being busy: There are forum mods for a reason. They're the ones that inspect submissions before they're accepted. They aren't responsible for any code, just moderation. If they have enough time to pick out every minuscule problem with submission formatting, they have time to determine if a download is safe.
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    I'm sticking with you @Taco I don't think that they have a valid enough reason to ban adfly. Just to kinda reiterate what you said: This is why why have the plugin submissions, to check for malicious content.


    Trusted Plugin Dev already exists XD but it doesn't show up ... @Afforess could tell you :p
  19. @Dreadreaver: The malicious links have nothing to do with the developer. It's the ads that displays that can be malicious. And you've got absolutely no control over that.
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    I don't get why it's so hard to understand that this is THEIR forum, not ours, and THEY get to make the rules, whether we agree with their reasoning or not.
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  21. Yet again I'd like to state that if adfly was optional, this wouldn't be an issue as people would have to intentionally click on the adfly link. There could be some sort of warning beforehand regarding that if the Bukkit staff really cared, but I've still honestly never heard of malicious content from adfly.
  22. The Bukkit staff does care. And it's their forum that they pay for and manage. If they decide it's not allowed, it's not allowed. There's no point in arguing it.
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    This is a good point. Keyword: pay. The Bukkit staff pays the bills, the Bukkit staff makes the rules. You can argue all you want. In the end, the people who fork over the cash to maintain this site know what is best for their forum. They don't want to pay for something that harbors links to potentially malicious content.
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    5$ for 1000 clicks \o/ i would be rich

    Host html file on dropbox -> put download link on html file through -> link to html file as download on bukkit -> everyone wins
  25. Nijikokun, I expected more from you. You should know that can still get you caught.
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    I think he was joking...
  27. I understand that this probably won't get anything changed, but I can still gripe about it until this thread is locked. I'm just venting at this point. I know I don't call the shots, nor will this thread have any impact on those who do.
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    That blows. I was hoping to at least make some off my plugins but I guess I just won't release them instead.

    Btw, I can't seem to find any official rules thread where they say you can't use adfly. Could someone link me this?

    Edit: And the argument that adfly pays nothing is BS tbh. Make a great and unique plugin and I bet you can get at least 40000 downloads (looking at big plugins like Towny, iConomy, WorldEdit). Many small streams make a big river.
  29. I got a good 4k downloads via adfly before they cracked down on it.
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    If the only reason you're releasing a plugin is to get money then we really don't need your plugin. I doubt it's anything special anyways.

    In regards to the ruling:
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