Redstone Clocks on builds over 66, stuck player movement near 80, etc.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by RchGrav, Jan 18, 2011.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm not sure if anyone noticed but it was very late last night and I was testing all of the builds and found that sometime shortly after build 66 of CB that redstone clocks ceased functioning properly.

    The second thing that I noticed was that somewhere closer to build number 80 that player movement was becoming "stuck" occasionally. The effect was similar to having one of your keys stuck on your keyboard. At times you were left moving in a direction even though a key was not pressed or you could be continuously jumping without the spacebar being pressed.

    The last observation was the changes in the console commands, and for some technical design reason you added a # into all of the console commands. I know that you probably did this to help isolate these commands from being interpreted incorrectly or for other reasons I don't fully understand. I'm hoping that this is not permanent change. I can foresee many other scripts and wrappers being incompatible with bukkit, or requiring changes each time a new SMP server is released. I'm sure you guys are fully aware of this, but in my case I had to revert to build 66 if I wanted all of the other scripted server automation to still function as intended.

    As I'm sure everyone is aware that the things happening now are the core foundation of the mod, and if they slip by for too long we may be stuck with them. I hope everyone is getting enough sleep for you own sake it doesn't get too "out of control" since I know everything is moving at lightspeed..

    Good luck guys! I'm rooting for ya!

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    I also do not like the # within console, in-game (like hMod) is fine. Please revert. If people miss interpret it, then its there fault.
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    If you read the forum properly you would know that it really is temporary and that the console ones should not even be changed (mistake on their part) only the ingame should.

    As for the stuck keys, I had that on hMod but I thought it's the linux port gone bad.
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    Not exactly sure what you mean by Linux port gone bad, please explain. And trust me.. I have read the forums... I'm just mentioning the # in hopes that it doesn't end up as a permanent workaround.. I realize that it is a temporary effect of something that they are trying to resolve internally.

    The more important thing was the fact that the mod had broken redstone circuits and clocks, and the fact that the input from the keyboard related to movement was being negatively impacted in some of the higher builds.

    Since I was actively testing every build that was posted and I didn't see anyone else mention or post about it yet I thought it was prudent to report my findings.

    Please let me know if I should not report bugs I find during my own testing... Should I just assume that any bug I find is already known about? It would seem to me the sooner a bug is noticed and addressed the easier it will be to correct vs becoming more deeply buried in the code of CB. If these observed phenomenon only persisted across a few builds I wouldn't even mention it. And, once again, I am not referring to the #, that was only mentioned in passing just in case it was being considered as a permanent workaround for the interpretation of commands. I am directly referring to breaking /modifying the mechanics of the game.

    I was actually hoping that this kind of input / findings would be appreciated by the devs.


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    Moved to appropriate forum, please do not post support threads in website feedback.
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    The forum reading was regarding #commands, it was said that its temporary.

    As for the stuck keys, well I had this all the way back on hMod and I thought it's the linux java native input library.

    The redstone circuits ir a real pain, if you have not reported it yet, I will.
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    Bugs should be posted on our redmine: as we go through that more than the forums and it is easier to manage.

    We will be keeping /# for commands provided by the official Minecraft server, to enable us/plugin authors to override them. However, the # being used in console commands was not intended.
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    RchGrav, do you use a plugin that can manipulate/manipulates time? Clocks work for me until i move time backwards from night to day. Can you confirm this?
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    Sorry... My bad.... I didn't realize that this wasn't the proper forum to post feedback re. the API... An honest mistake. I'm not usually one to post unwarranted / wrongly placed posts.

    As for the # stuff... discussion closed.. I think we just need to wait and see on that one. Hopefully it won't be too much of a bugger to get the server console isolated.. You know better than me Seph whats involved in that one... Is it tricky to resolve?

    As for the "Stuck Keys" issue... I don't believe it has anything to do with running my server on Linux... For the record my server is running Java SE Runtime Enviroment 1.6.0_22-b04 on Ubuntu 10.10, not OpenJDK.... The issue did not begin occurring until I was testing build 80... My player started strafing without me pressing anything on the keyboard. I thought it was a stuck key, so I tapped the keyboard, and the problem went away.. a moment later I stopped moving and when I took my hands off of the keyboard and my character was jumping in place. I thought it was strange because my IBM Model M keyboard has worked just fine for the past 27 years.. why would it start acting up today?... <g>

    Redstone clocks broke in later builds... I noticed some strangeness and did testing.. thats all...

    Noted and bookmarked... I have been digging around ever since the site was launched... I was not aware of this URL, where would I have found this info at? (Honestly.. I will assume it was right under my nose, since thats a great place to hide something from me, sometimes I can't find my keys if I am holding them in my hands.)

    Thanks guys!

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    Nono, I was talking about the client on Linux.

    OK, but dou you or do you not have a time setting plugin?
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    Yes.. at the time I was actually running Noon.jar and Nijiko's General.jar (has a /time setting command).. but it was occurring even when these plugins were not actively changing the time.

    In my testing I was just creating a simple redtsone 5 clock... as shown here...

    What I was experiencing was only a single clock cycle (maybe not even that actually) and then the 5 clock would halt... I don't know why having a time setting plugin would have any effect on a redstone clock... Are you suggesting that something related to time plugins effect redstone circuits (block lighting routines maybe?!). I would love to hear what your theory is...

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    Well feverdream confirmed that setting time to a lower value than current time (setting it to the past) causes problems (according to feverdream it is Notch's bug not bukkit).

    Now if I create the 5clock just as you, it works. When I set time to the future it works still. But when I set the time to the past, it stops working until you restart the server or the time itself gets to where it should be.

    As for the Noon plugin, I am just trying to resolve a possible bug in it regarding this setTime() problem.
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    First of all, I have confirmed NOTHING. Please dont put words in my mouth. Such an attack is Not Cool.

    Can you repro these issues without my plugin in use? If not, try this and if it fixes things let me know.

    Like every other developer I use the interface provided. My "Noon" plugin is very simple so I don't see a possibility that setting the time can create all these issues, as I literary only use getTime and setTime from bukkit in that plugin.

    A bug has been filed on this bug in Bukkit (NOT Noon) at and I have deployed a work around in Noon until getTime/setTime bug in bukkit is fixed.
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    I haven't had a chance to test it without the plugin because of the fact that the server needs to be rebooted after each change and I think I'm annoying my users. (Waiting for a reliable plugin loader.. I'm about to test the one thats up there.) Its possible that I was just under the impression that 66 didnt have the problem because time hadn't yet shifted backwards and it seemed like it started working right after a reboot.

    Can you "jump start" the clock after a backwards shift in time? Because in my case they were completely busted.

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    Okay, just tested the old and new Noon plugins. The old one messes clocks up after moving sun to prevent sunset and night.
    The new one WORKS!

    As for the misunderstanding between me and feverdream (for which I am sorry):
    This is NOT feverdream's fault. He used the bukkit API according to documentation (just like I did). If anything this is a BUG of bukkit or at least it's documentation (if it's Notch's doing), I shall file a report.
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    I'm trying to get into my rebooted server AAAAAND now I can't get back in. Thank god they are migrating their servers. It can't be done soon enough... the past 36 hours have been rough testing bukkit when you can't even log on to your own server.

    As a side note... is there any clone of the MC authentication protocol that I could run on my server ... some google searches turned up a site called mineshafter but I don't want to feed my minecraft password through a 3rd party site like that, nor support a site which seems to be designed to "Shaft Minecraft" or avoid properly compensating Mojang.


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    Even if there was I would be afraid of violating TOS or license with Mojang.
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    RchGrav That's the only TOS I have ever found for MC...

    As far as an EULA this is what I find on the same page...
    "I'm not going to put up a huge EULA. I'm trying to be open and honest, and I hope people treat me the same way back."

    In the end I don't see anything dishonest in wanting to be able to use software you have legitimately purchased.

    In any case I don't believe that installing an alternative method to connect to software you own is at all dishonest or would be violating Mojangs licenses in any way shape or form. If properly implemented it could be a huge advancement for minecraft.




    Here is my idea...

    Give some support @ Get Satisfaction if you think it is a good one.

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    Oh I am all for making other means possible and not to have only one root authority.

    But at the moment the alternative method would mean that any unauthorized user could get through, even if he did not purchase the game.

    Of course if you would implement something that would have access to Mojang database of users, that woudl be OK (but then there is the centralization of that database...
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