Plugin Request Recruiting Developers for Custom Roleplay server

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    we are recruiting
    - Developers who will be able
    to create the kind of plugins we need.

    Plugin Programmer Form:

    Minecraft username:
    Plugins i programmed yet:
    (if you programmed some)
    How good i am 1-5:
    how much time will you invest into the server:
    The server information
    The server has 5 worlds
    - Real World
    - Heaven
    - Hell
    - Enchanted Forest
    - Broken Heaven
    World's Information
    Real World -
    In the real world you will be able to create markets,rent houses,and spend time
    In the real world you will be able to take quests from the NPC's in the villages,and perform them in the
    Enchanted Forest

    In the real world there will be few villages
    You will be able to teleport to them by buying potions in Karl_L's bar.
    There are 2 main villages and villages for each job.
    The meaning is there are 2 main villages with ability for almost everything in the server.
    and the rest of the villages will be for the jobs in the server.

    Example -

    in the hunters village will be markets for hunters and quests that belongs to hunters job,but you will be able to make quests of hunters even if ur not in the hunters job.

    Heaven -
    The world you will all wish to be at
    The heaven is a place that you will need to teleport to by creating an item (server item with own recipe)
    In the heaven you will have your own "Drop Event"
    BUT to go into the heaven,you will need to be in the hell...
    In the heaven you will have a limited time.

    To get into the heaven you will need to create an item with our own recipe
    (you will get the recipe at the time the server will go into the opened beta.)

    To move into the place you all wished to go into,you will need to go through the world you wasn't even wished to be at
    The place is full of monsters,it will be hard to survive,if you will die,you will lose all of your items.
    If you will succeced living in hell in the limited time you will get all the stuffs you gained at there.
    The hell in our server is the "Nether",but edited,and you wont be able to create a portal.

    To get into the Hell you also will need to create an item with the recipe we will post.
    Enchanted Forest -
    At the server you will get the Enchanted Forest Wand
    With the enchanted forest wand you will have 10 uses
    At the time you will make the enchanted forest wand you will be able to move between Enchanted Forest to Real World.
    The enchanted forest is the Survival in our server.

    Broken Heaven -
    There are small precents to go into the broken heaven,by creating the item not currectly
    you will be teleported to the broken heaven,the heaven which the devil destroyed.
    You will fight against a boss and if you will survive you will get the items you gained.
    The server will be global and opened for the whole world.
    The server will be hosted and will work 24/7
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