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    Hi! So my friend hasn't played minecraft for years, and he wants to play again with me. So I am gonna play with him on my testing server, and I want to make a plugin just to make a couple things weird so he gets confused. Anyways, for recipes, do you have to actually go in and delete them for them to be gone, or can you overwrite them with a custom recipe outputting the same thing?
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    I think you need to listen to prepareItemCraftEvent , check the result and if it's the item you want gone , just cancell the event.
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    Thank you, I will try it!

    Edit: On another note, I was trying to make a command where I can strike my friend with lightning. But I was wondering how to have his name as an argument. Like I want the command to be /l playername, and I want the playername to be any players name. I know how to do the rest, I just have never worked with command arguments before.
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    1. Bukkit.getOfflinePlayer(String);
    2. Bukkit.getPlayer(String);
    3. Bukkit.getPlayerExact(String);

    Pretty self-explanatory.
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    Thank you
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    When you want to override some ItemRepices or create new one .
    Very Simply


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