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    I've been waiting for updates from a plugin for a month. I've posted in the thread countless times, yet to no avail.
    RealTools are basically permissions for tools, weapons and armor. This allows rpg servers to limit classes to some tools. Read more about it here:

    I would be more than happy if someone took over or rewrote the plugin themselves. He hasn't supplied the source, but perhaps if you contact him, he will. This is an essential plugin that would completely transform not only my server, but hopefully all rpg servers.

    Also, I have to mention. The dev that made RealTools made a ton of permissions for each item. I, however think a better solution would be a seperate config for this plugin where you could assign tools to groups, not groups to tools as was done with permissions.

    For example:
    - Miner
    - Admins
    - *
    - *
    - Designer

    and etc. The * means all groups are allowed to use the tool. It would be a one-time config, only changing it if you add more groups.
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    Well, basically what you want is the plugin updated, right? I can do this for ya tomorrow if you want as it seems really easy.
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    Excellent, thanks.
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    That would be great.
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    Yep, need it too.
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    Fixed and tested against CB740 and CB766. From what i gather from the OP it works as intended.

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    :eek: thanks a lot

    Tested it out, appears this plugin is far from finished. Looks like there is no possible way to add permissions for hoes, combat and there are restrictions for everything. Meaning, you can't make farms nor can you fight monsters. I'll just do a workaround with the DropEdit plugin, so only farmers get drops from wheat/cacti/reeds.
    The only possible solution I see is for someone to make a new plugin, based on the model I suggested. If anyone's interested I'd be very glad.

    EDIT: Nevermind, DropEdit is so highly configurable that I can do all of this with it, except wearing armor, which is not that important. This is perfect, don't bother with this plugin :D

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    =\ I didn't know so many people wanted this plugin. And the source was on my github the whole time.
    Unfortunately recent events means I cannot sit here 12 hours a day coding. Though I would if I could. I don't have the same free time to maintain the plugins as I did when I started them.
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    @m5k does DropEdit allow you to restrict workbenches/furnaces also?

    Edit: Checked it out and can't see a way that could work :/
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    DropEdit + CustomBlockRestriction
    Both plugins are permissions friendly.
    events these two addons can check and restrict:
    Item drop depending on item used to break it
    Block placement
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    Ah thanks a lot man, perfect! Also that's an interesting video, I had a little look around the website not so long ago, seems like you've got a good thing going, a lot of work too! I know how hard it can get.
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    It's all fun. I enjoy tinkering with the server more than mining for diamonds. :p
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    My friend Thug was supposed to be doing this actually - mainly because we wanted it, but he's become busy with exams recently. If anyone wants it I could probably get what he has changed, although I dont think he finished anything.

    The absolute top main thing it needs, is that if you are holding something that doesn't need a permission (as in, a pickaxe needs a permission so that counts as normal, but say you were holding Cobblestone) - it would count as a hand. That way, anything you can do with a hand, you can do while holding a block.
    Main thing about that, is this plugin clashes horribly with Controllerblock - you can't make a new one, because the plugin stops you from creating a block (as you have to click an iron block with a block in your hand...)

    Anyway from what Thug was saying, he was nearly there... but he's busy until mid-june now =/
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    I find Dropedit and CustomBlockRestriction combined an even better solution. Now only miners get ore from ore blocks. Not only that, they get various perks while using different picks. Same goes to farmers and hoes and other classes. This allows everyone the use of any tool but the tool itself is not so useful.

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