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    "Making Minecraft more realistic everyday with every update." - Realcraft™
    Realcraft™ is aimed at making Minecraft more realistic, and furthermore enjoyable for players that like RolePlaying servers and what not. Realcraft is divided into seperate plugins(Seperate Plugins made by and for realcraft) combined into 1 build for best use. Some of you may still think, "Wow, you could just make your server more realistic by not installing these dumb mods, that actually make the game less realistic and just install some mods that give it a more realistic feeling/play" Well yes that is 'possible' but that is not the purpose of Realcraft™. Like said before, the goal is TO make it more realistic and also without the hassle of installing all them mods/plugins that don't give you the flexibility and customization and features that you're searching for/wanting. Now i'd love to say Realcraft™ is ready to be used and you can go ahead and remove them plugins you have installed to make your server more realistic, but that is not the case. Realcraft™ is under development and is coming along pretty well. This thread will be updated, but not updated as frequent as are official site(It's temporary). Although i can say i will be releasing Realcraft™ BETA very soon, with alot of features i think all you roleplaying fanatics will just love.

    Be aware these features are being worked on and are not fully completed
    Hunger - Players health and stamina depletes if the player does not eat some type of food every hour(Depending on the type of food)
    Stamina - Limits the abilities of players per minecraft day E.g placing a certain amount of blocks per day.. killing a certain amount of animals per day.
    Jail System - Killing a player will land you in a jail for a set amount of minecraft days. Inmates can also fight while in jail(All items are taken when being jailed)
    City Buildings - Define regions(City buildings) And if something within this region is griefed, the player reliable will automatically be placed in jail.
    Dont use your hands! - Trees can only be cut using a woodcutting axe, Ore can only be mined using a pickaxe, same concept for placed blocks.
    Fire - Fire spreads rather fast, and no matter where on the object the fire was placed whether it be the floor.. wall or even ceiling it will still spread at the same rate(I have noticed a difference with the original fire concept, it tends to burn out when placed on the floor) but with this.. the structure/tree or whatever it may be will be left in Ruins.
    Water Lengths - You can only dive down in water so far before your ears pop, this will leave you with your health depleting until you arrive back at the surface.
    Heat - Being to close to lava/fire for a certain period of time will start to burn you, depleting your health and rather fast.
    Jumping from mass heights - Jumping from a high structure/mountain/air and landing on dirt or grass will break the block you land on along with giving you a mass amount of damage and also crippling you(Walking very slowly until you use a health kit or a medic heals you)
    Stats/classes - When you are doing your jobs, you will earn XP for these stats- These stats will make you better and better at your job as time goes(Just like irl)
    • Strength - This will not only help with the job 'demolisher' it will also help with the jobs; 'police officer', 'Miner', 'Woodcutter'.
    • Woodcutting - Ability to cut logs faster, and earn more money.
    • Miner - Ability to mine ore's and rocks faster, and earn more money.
    • Farmer - Ability to Farm crops faster, less chance of them dying, and earn more money.
    • Medic - Ability to treat wounds faster, and heal more hearts when healing a player.
    • Firefighter - Extinguish fire faster
    • Criminal - Stronger when it comes to killing NPCs. The higher level you are in this stat, the better goods you get from killing NPCs but its not always a plus when police officers are looking for you.
    There are a few more i just have not added them yet ;)
    Jobs - These are not jobs from a 'ordinary' jobs plugin. These jobs are based to be as real as possible. Giving you jobs such as;
    • Firefighter(Extinguishing fires is easier, along with making you money),
    • Police Officer(Stop them damn rule breakers!),
    • Miner(Mine ores and turn them into a shop),
    • Farmer(Turn in your earned items to a shop),
    • Medic(Heal players but first you must LEARN howto!),
    • Woodcutter(Turn in your earned items to a shop),
    • Construction Worker(Build structures for other players or the city),
    • Demolisher(Destroy designated structures for other players or the city),
    • Clerk(Do jobs around the store!),
    • Chef(Become a players personal chef, or work at the store!).
    • Mechanic(Create redstone powered mechanisms)
    Fire Pits - Creating a fire pit stops the fire from spreading, and also giving you the ability to cook on it.(Cooked items on a fire, do not heal as much as items cooked on a stove)
    Lava - Jumping into a lava pool will Instantly kill you.
    Mobs - Do not spawn whatsoever.
    Vehicles - No warping, teleporting, etc. Although you could take the bus!
    Texture Pack - Don't stick with the default boring texture pack, use realcraft's
    Elevators - Not just an ordinary elevator with a sign - Stepping in the elevator and pressing the button will take you either up or down.(Acting as a elevator irl)
    NPCs - Not only civilians but trouble makers. These NPCs can be nice, and also mean. Whether it be selling you goods, or trying to take your goods. This is a great add-on to realcraft.

    Client Sided Features:
    Windows - Open and close windows(Under certain circumstances)
    Refrigerators - Without the use of a refrigerator food will spoil and become useless.
    Elevators - *
    Skins - Kill animals and get there hide/skin!​
    Shingles - Create roofs with shingles!​
    Bugs other annoying things:
    None of my awareness at the moment. Maybe that is because alot of these features are being worked on? ;)

    Other Information:
    • Realcraft is not yet a server. I am aware of another server out there, named RealCraft but i am not associated whatsoever with whom.
    • Commands - There is no commands for normal players. Only administrators.
    • Hacks/Mods such as flying are also disabled. They can be toggled aswell.
    • Hospitals - Players can go to a hospital if hurt, and request assistance from a medic. If a medic is in a hospital no matter the level of the medic, they can heal the player Fully and restore the player's stamina. If a player has a (Item not defined yet) they can be transported to a nearby hospital in just a few seconds.
    More jobs information:
    • Police Officer - Police officers have a high superiority when it comes to 'controlling' how the server runs. Meaning if they do not fulfill there duty with stopping and arresting criminals, the economy would take a startling turn as Shops resources would be depleting and the criminals pockets would be filling. Although to many police officers would make the criminal class useless.
    • Medic - Some may see this class/stat as useless but to others it plays a great role. If a player jumps off a cliff or off a high structure, they become crippled. Leaving them very slow, and without the ability to use weapons and attack. Furthermore leaving them defenseless, but with a Medic you can change that. Although lower level medic's can't help you TO much, healing a few hearts and still leaving you a bit limp. That's why it is important for medic's to train and get a descent level before healing players.
    Will be added soon enough.

    None currently. I am looking for a few testers though ;)
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    That looks awesome!
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    Thanks for the positive feedback :)
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    just one thing, how do you get tools when you cannot cut wood to build tools?
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    There will be a "starter Guide", which will give them stone tools. Along with showing them around the server and how it operates.
    NEW: Skins! Kill animals to get there furs/skins/hide
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    if you'll need testing for this plugin i'd be happy to help you! this plugin is basically everything i'd want for a server!
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    If you need any dev help I'd be glad :)
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    May I suggest a local chat function? Realistically you can't yell across the whole world.
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    Thats already there.
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    Its funny though because you didn't actually trademark RealCraft and "making minecraft more realistic everyday with every update".
    I could make a plugin called RealCraft right now and you wouldn't be able to do anything about it legally.
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    Kool story bro.
    Its there for the looks
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    I fail to see any humor in that at all.
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    This looks epic! Please post when you think you will release it!
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    People pointlessly putting ™ at the end of their plugin names isn't exactly funny, but it is pointless. If you're putting it there for the looks, don't.
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    I'm sure he's sorry™
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    Sorry master. Ill try and follow your policy of posting a plugin development thread.
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    Wait is this a server or a plugin and are mobs toggleable
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    @chubbz its in plugin section so i guess its a plugin :)
    description sounds nice but we will see how good it will be
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    It is a plugin. But a plugin in which will be used on my server once done(A week prior to the release, so people can get a better grasp on the project, and for fun.)
    Sadly, i've been putting this project off for a little while as i have many other plugins im working on, and trieng to get fixed up.


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    This looks really nice. I hope to see it reach a completed stage :)

    You guys need to stop bickering( @jeffadkins51 and @captainawesome7 ). It just gets silly beyond a certain point, and you both reached that point when you started looking up eachothers plugins/WIPs to criticize for no apparent reason. You're both talented developers, there's no need to fight over a grudge. :eek:
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    Thanks. And that's behind us. That was silly.
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    Yeah, just took a look at the dates and realized how old the posts were.
    *slaps self*
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    I would love to test this mod! Btw another idea for job:
    Engineers they repair elevators and hospital equipment and stuff its just an idea though so dont take it too seriously
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    I Approve.
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    Looking awesome! Keep up the good work!
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    Ehm.... disabling monsters? I know monsters aren't very realistic, but it would be fun if monsters were enabled and there was a class like 'monster figher' or 'the witcher' which had to keep the mosters away from the humans.
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    I will gladly be a beta tester :)
  29. wow, this looks amazing... Will you actually release this? or even continue to work on it? I would really want to play on a server with this on.
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    HoLLy_HaCKeR It isn't going to happen to my speculation. It seems that he posted this more than 2 years ago, so I'm guessing the answer is no. No need to post on an old thread like this.
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