Real Survival-Based Shop System

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    Plugin category: Mechanics
    Minecraft version: Spigot version 1.13.2 (or 1.12.2)
    Suggested name: PlayerDrivedEconomy

    What I want:

    Each item has a specified price. This could be given to a shopkeeper for money. It sounds so simple, but here comes the screw: The items sold by the player are placed in an "imaginary" container that stores items. All items sold to npc are here. The npc's that admins deployed out of this container unloads their items. In this way, all items sold will be reversible. That is, a real market based on real players. There is an increased price for every piece sold by npc. This can be determined by a factor multiplied by the admin to determine the price of the surplus. Items defined by the system are: item status (how broken it is), what item (each item has a basic price, depending on the raw material, eg from what it is, iron or diamond etc ...), the number of enchants, the enchantes level. These can be configured in config, and later used by the system. Based on these, you will decide how much a particular product is worth.

    The core:

    System Detected:
    - materials (gold is cheaper than diamond material, etc.)
    - enchant numbers (enchant numbers get plus money)
    - enchant types (and levels enchants have value, the levels have multiplier. like this:
    sharpness II -> (sharpness: 20$) + (Level 2 multiplier: +10%) = 22$)
    - custom names with colors (custom name and colors get plus value)
    - item types (all item types have custom value)

    Ideas for commands:
    /pde list items
    ( this listen all sellable items on database, with price )
    /pde clear all
    ( this command clear all items on database )
    /pde additem
    ( this command adding a new item on your hand to database )

    Ideas for permissions:
    ( this permission give the players use the new economy system )

    Ideas for configuration:
    [ Core:
    [ Selling item types: #players can add new item types
    [ - diamond_sword
    [ - iron_sword
    [ - stone_sword
    [ - iron_ore
    [ - diamond_helmet
    [ -
    [ -
    [ Material type prices:
    [ wood: 50
    [ stone: 100
    [ iron: 150
    [ gold: 200
    [ diamond: 250
    [ Enchant type prices: #players can add new enchants&levels
    [ - sharpness:
    [ lvl1: 25
    [ lvl2: 50
    [ lvl3: 75
    [ - sweeping_edge:
    [ lvl1: 25
    [ lvl2: 50
    [ - flame:
    [ lvl2: 25
    [ -
    [ -
    [ Variables:
    [ On sell:
    [ Custom item name price: 50
    [ Per enchants price: 5
    [ On buy:
    [ Price multiplier: 20
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