[Re-Write] HeavenActivity/WurkIt Re-Write [FORMATTED]

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    Plugin category: Economy

    Suggested name: None - Re-Write/Combination of existing, yet out-dated, plugin(s).

    A bit about me: I am a server owner of a small server. We've been private for a while, but are planning on going public, soon. However, I am not happy with how my economic system functions; I used heavenactivity a while back, when it was maintained, and I was very happy with it. Now, however, I find myself longing for it again.

    What I want: A re-write, or combination, of HeavenActivity or WurkIt so they are compatible with Vault and CB1597. Preferably HeavenActivity, though a working build of either would be fantastic.

    Ideas for commands: No additional commands. However, I would like to see an addition to HeavenActivity to allow for different Permissions-Group payout multipliers.

    Ideas for permissions: None.

    Willing to pay up to: $5 - For the working build of either. $10 - If the addition to HeavenActivity, or a similar feature in WurkIt, is added.

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible. Preferably within the next few days or within a week.

    Similar plugin requests: None.
    Devs who might be interested in this: @heifinator @Don Redhorse

    Thanks, Eric
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    I am going to attempt HeavenActivity

    No promises though as I am leaving for New York tomorrow.
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    Don Redhorse

    hi... ok... "wurkit" is around 50% code done... and after that it needs bug testing..

    it will feature the wurkit idea (commands, how it works) but will be a part of a bigger plugin (sorry about that, but that's how it will be) and it will be fully translateable...

    as the kit module is, which is part of the plugin too..

    I don't know which other features will come for any of the modules... as I'm atm just trying to get around 5 old inactive plugin working again in a way I like and can use to learn more about coding... I already found out 2 things while coding this one... translation sucks... because it means a lot of work internally to support it... for every line of text which is displayed to the player I need to write at least atm 8 lines of code, plus the lines for the comments in the config plus the getter method to retrieve the text.

    but yeah... I will look for a better idea AFTER I have transfered the plugins I need..

    you may ask why it will be a big plugin having serveral modules instead of ONE plugin per module... more stuff to learn to code and easier to manage on the admin side in my opinion... if you need the stuff... and as our server needs it... that's the way I do it.

    I'm still waiting for an offical OK of the developer... but looking at the amount of code I did already change it isn't really a lot left.. mainly the idea...

    oh yeah, and before somebody complains... I give FULL credit to code and idea, even after ripping it apart, refactoring it and making it (hopefully) better code...
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    Sounds great. If you need any sort of help or assistance, I'd be glad to do what I can.

    Alright, I'll look out for that too.

    Like I said, I'm more interested in HeavenActivity, so thank you @tyzoid for your interest. However, I do appreciate the response and information @Don Redhorse and I wish you goodluck with your plugin.
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    The hardest part of working on this, is finding all of the old economy plugins.
    I need those for dependencies.

    I found: iCo4, iCo5, iCo6, Bose7
    I need: Bose6, EssentialsEconomy, MultiCurrency

    Edit: Got 'Em all
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    What exactly do you need them for?
    Couldn't you just use Vault to link with economy plugins?
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    The plugin already has register built-in.
    I'm going to use that at first, it will be the quickest way to get this thing up and running.
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    Don Redhorse

    use vault... it should you normally take around 1 hour to change from register to vault
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    I have a build that is attached to this message.

    I didn't test it yet (I'm not quite sure what it is supposed to do)

    Can you confirm that it works? I'm not getting any errors, so I think that is a good sign :)

    @Don Redhorse
    I will do that later, I was just trying to get all the dependencies satisfied so I can locate any possible issues.

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    Testing now.

    EDIT: Confirmed to be working (iCo6).
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    If you get any errors, please don't hesitate to let me know.
    I need to familiarize myself more with the code.

    And Retricide, i'm not looking for any money. I really didn't do much of anything except build the code that the author already had.

    Merry Christmas!
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    Don Redhorse

    nice you got it to work that quickly.. have fun in your endavour to keep it updated and put on dev.bukkit
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    Like I said, the other dev had working code on github.

    I just needed to satisfy the dependencies, and build the thing.

    Thank you, I probably will have fun with this.
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    After a bit more "testing," I've come across an issue.
    Activity isn't calculating correctly. I set both sequences to 1, meaning 1 minute, and broke blocks for one minute straight. My activity was only 11%. I did various other actions within a sequence, and activity seemed to cap at 11%.
    Additionally, I could afk and my activity would remain at 11%.
    Also, I noticed the config file isn't exactly as "robust" as it used to be.
    New Config (open)
    # HeavenActivity configuration
    # --------------------------------------------------------------------
    # Sequences are by default one minute long and 15 of them get stored.
    # For more options and explanation visit:
    # https://github.com/kaipr/HeavenActivity/wiki
    # Multiplier for all points, if you want more activity for all activities, rise this
    point_multiplier: 1.0
    # Income is given every X sequences (at default, 1 sequence = 1 minute)
    income_sequence: 1
    # Players get notified about their activity every X sequences
    notification_sequence: 1
    # Income enabled?
    enabled: true
    # Minimum activity to get income
    min_activity: 1
    # Allow negative income?
    allow_negative: true
    # Expression to calculate the income players get, available variables:
    # - player_activity: Current activity of player
    # - player_balance: Current money balance of player
    expression: "8 + (((player_activity - 50) / 75) * 8)"

    Old Config (open)

    sequence_interval: 60
    point_multiplier: 1.0
    income_sequence: 20
    notification_sequence: 10
    max_sequences: 15
    enabled: true
    min_activity: 1
    allow_negative: false
    balance_multiplier: 0.0
    activity_modifier: 50
    base_value: 50.0
    target_activity: 50
    tracking: true
    break_points: 1.95
    place_points: 3.75
    delay: 950
    tracking: true
    points: 0.58
    delay: 1100
    tracking: true
    char_points: 0.49
    points: 1.0
    tracking: true
    char_points: 0.53
    points: 1.0
    move_points: 100755.86000025213
    block_break_points: 34407.750000006185
    chat_points: 0.0
    chat_char_points: 0.0
    command_char_points: 21263.600000000337
    block_place_points: 51026.25
    command_points: 4364.0
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    Does the issue still occur if you use the old config?

    Here is a new build.

    Read me off what it says for the debug message (should be a bunch of values with labels and equals signs)

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    02:47:33 [INFO] Retricide tried to use command /activity
    02:47:33 [INFO] [HeavenActivity] Debug message: activityPoints=912.9399999999999, activity=60, sequences=15, pointMultiplyer=1.0
    Maxes at 11% with the auto-generated config.
    Works fine with the old config (what I posted above).
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    That is odd.

    If you wouldn't mind, could you find the offending property?
    Just re-add properties back to the new config until the problem stops.
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    I have a hunch it's dependent on all of them. I won't be able to test that until later today, however, but I'll post my findings once I do.
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    Couldn't you guys just download the source code and update the plugins to the latest build? Or do they not supply the src code?
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    That's what we are doing.

    However the code that they do have is buggy, and since I have just taken over the plugin, I am responsible to fix bugs in the code.
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    Don Redhorse

    also it sounds easy to just take over the code... and sometimes it is, but if you have an issue you need time first to figure out what the old developer tried to do with his code which is sometimes quite hard.

    also sometimes the code is quite unfinished or buggy itself... in one of the plugins I did take over I deleted 120 lines of code by creating a method of 3 lines.
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    Also, can you post the debug output with the automatically generated config?

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