[RCON] Remote Control App for Servers

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by jd1378, Jul 14, 2014.

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    Hi ,
    This is my Second Application in Wpf C# . i wanted to share this program with you.
    please report bugs in this thread .
    it is a program like this one .
    but i coded this myself and it has a GUI.
    It Supports Color.

    Thankyou for using my App.

    edit : fixed !

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    I wanted to start using this, I found it quite interesting. But when I entered my information it only connected once then crashed every single time.

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    Woooow nice here its working.
    Can you work it out with maybe more features if it is able in rcon
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    Yeah I also could not get this to work. Same issue as above.
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    what do you put for the rcon password?
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    @Trey2k You could use anything you want:
    Just the rcon password in your server-config-file has to match with the one your are inserting into the client
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    @Trey2k There is a server config for that... *confused*
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    @Trey2k it's most likely the server.properties
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