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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by datmos, Dec 21, 2013.

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    My story is very long, and lost many hours trying to do what I want to do.
    I will not explain what I want to do for now. It is very long and complicated.

    What I have?:

    I have created a region (city)(parent) and within this region there are several small regions (childs). All parented with "city".

    What I need is:

    I need that when a small region (childs) has a new member, the main region (Parent / city) will automatically add that member to their own list.

    So when there is a new member on small regions (childs) also automatically becomes a member of "city" (parent).

    I need a single region containing all the members of their Childs.


    It is possible? How?

    I hope is understand what I'm asking.
    Forgive for my English.

    Isntalled Plugins: worldGuard, worldedit, essentials, vault, worldborder, permissionsEX, dynmap, commandhelper.

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    new member of (child) should be member of (parent) ?
    - senseless
    why creating (child) regions If players will get permissions for (parent) regions ?
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    haha I said it was a weird question xD

    I'll try to explain what I need to do, surely you will understand and perhaps you may be able to give me another type of solution.

    In my map , I have a city.
    In this city , there are several buildings.
    These buildings have rooms for users to rent (with SelfService plugin).
    And each room has its own region . ( course)

    Now . On the roof of the building, there is a room with a door and a command to teleport in front of the door.
    The command can be used by anyone.

    But I need that only people who have rented a room in that building I can use that door.
    All have access to the command to teleport , but only residents of the building have access to that room .

    As you can not put that door as Child of every room , I thought would have to create a single region with all members of the building to put that door as Child.

    The whole city has a region that covers everything . Which, by flags , bans destroy blocks, blocks and build USE deny .
    Ofcourse , in the region of the city are the regions of the rooms.

    And I do not know how to achieve this result .

    There are more options, such as:
    When a player rents a room to be granted access to the command that teleports you inside that room .

    Any option is valid, while only those who have rented a room, can access the private room of that building.

    So, create a region that covers the entire building and automatically receive members of his inner regions, I seemed a good idea.

    I remember now that there is a flag that allows the use of a particular command within a region, might put that flag in all rooms and so anyone with access to a room means that he rented, of what otherwise could not get. And if he can get, he can use the command to the private room.

    The problem is that if the owner of that room leaves the room with the door opened, anyone could go in and use that command ...

    I'm pretty lost, I have to say it is the first time I try to create a minecraft server and I'm learning on the fly.

    At the end I had to explain everything, I think it will be best to solve the problem.

    As I said, my original language is not English. I hope I have explained to me properly and podais understand.

    Do not criticize me for mistakes in the text, has been very hard for me xD

    Many Thanks !
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