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    Hello, im requesting a plugin that has those to commands.

    Basically all you do is in the config set the rank name and the ammount of money in the config for the rank

    Then to simply do

    /ranks to see the ranks

    and to rank up
    you do /rankup

    thats it ;D

    if any 1 knows a plugin that does this and works with Dev 1.3.1 i would really appreciate.

    I have seen 1 on a server.
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    I have a plugin for this. Lemme link you. But I gotta say, it does not show a rank list.

    Here you go:

    Should work for 1.3.

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    Still works for me.
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    And me. Thanks for this plugin ;D
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    Premium as in. . . ?

    No problem!
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    Don't have issues with Vault. :p Vault is an amazing plugin, and you should have it anyways, just because it so many plugins are dependent on it.
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    What do you mean? Just put Vault in your plugins folder and just leave it there. It'll do its own thing without you seeing.
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    Exactly. All Vault does is provide an API for developers to hook into, you don't ever have to do a thing with it.

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