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    Mc Version: I would like it on 1.8.9 but you can do it on any version.
    Name: RankMention
    What I want: I would like a plugin that can alerts all members of a group/rank when the group is mentioned (when someone types @<groupname> in chat. If someone types this the plugin would play the level up sound to all members of this group and message them saying.

    Hey, PLAYERNAME has mentioned you!
    I would like the message to have colors and be configurable if you are willing to do that.
    Permissions would be appreciated but not needed (ideas: mention.<groupname>) an essential feature however would be a cooldown of 1 minute so people dont spam mention.

    NOTE: Also one extra request, I would like to start making mc plugins myself but I have no experience in any form of coding so if someone makes this can they tell me a bit about how they did it? Thanks!
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    You should specify the permission plugin that you are using on your server
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    Start by learning Java (look up Java tutorials), then learn the Bukkit API when you've learnt Java.

    Note: I'm not gonna do this plugin.

    I believe using Vault should support most permission plugins.

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    Ok thanks
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    I have made the plugin. Note that it is currently for 1.9 +. I will get you the 1.8 version in a little bit, but I have to change some things. The GitHub link is below if you want to check it out:


    In the GitHub, there is a Jar File. That is what you put into your plugins folder.

    To use the plugin, you must start a chat message with '@'. In the config file, you can set what players must type after that to 'ping' a certain role. Let me know if that is confusing to you.
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