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    === RangeLimit === Stop your players from going to far in distance, upgrade their "level" of range with a simple command. This was originally developed for personal use as I thought WorldBorder wasn't sufficient as it applies to ALL players. Expect many new updates and features added it to it.
    Don't forget to check out the command page!
    == Upcoming == As I am very busy working on my own personal server I'll try to fit in some time to add a few of these features! This is ordered by importance.
    1. Per-world Support
    2. Economy Support
    3. More customizable config such as out-of-range message and effect
    4. Shapes :O
    ==Current Issues== None that I know of, but I'm sure you will find them as I only used this for my own satisfaction.
    Feel free to submit your own ideas for the plugin!
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