Random Event from key phrase sent in chat.

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by D_Rainey, Mar 22, 2020.

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    The plugin I would like to implement runs as follows.

    Someone says "vibe check" in chat. (Not as a slash command)

    25% of the time, the server kills the player and announces they have failed the vibe check.
    The other 75% the server only announces they have passed the vibe check.

    I'm new to plugin creation and have become frustrated trying to make what seems to be a simple plugin. I just hope someone out there is happy to make this for the world to enjoy.

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    A specific version? A specific key phrase(or you want to have a customizable message in the config),you also want a message telling that the player failed n stuff? It's pretty easy to make..

    Download <-Reedited,forgot to broadcast instead of sending to the player
    ^Dumb how i can't straight upload jar files

    Builded with 1.14.4(api-version 1.13 for compatibility)

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    Hey thanks this is so cool, I was just wondering 2 things.

    If I am reading your source code correctly, the chance to pass the vibe check is 25% and fail is the other 75%?

    Plus, is there a way for the player chat to post before the response happens?
    It's strange to see this happen

    Player u passed the Vibe Check!
    [Player] Will I pass the Vibe Check?
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    GitHub also updated
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    Perfect Thank you so much!
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    Mark as filled.

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