Questing reward wtih permission nodes

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  1. I am looking for a questing plugin, that will allow for the following types of quests::
    1) Series quest: has a previous quest requirement, before you can advance (aka, storyline questing)...NOT only 1 line... but possibly 8 different quest lines (for example).
    2) 1-time/Delayed quest: lets you complete a quest, but you must wait a certain amount of time before doing it again, or not be able to do it again at all (1-time only)

    The quests will require certain mob killing, acquiring certain blocks, breaking certain blocks, etc etc (basic mc stuff).
    The rewards, will be adding of permission nodes, iconomy/money, items, etc etc.

    Basically, the first type of quests (series/storyline quests), can be accomplished by having a permission node for that quest (eg If a user has that node, they can start that quest. If the user does NOT have the node, they must complete the previous quest, which will in turn give them a permission node (and remove the previous node).

    I can think of many different ways to implement this (such as allowing quests/npc's to perform commands, with variables such as usernames, when a user completes their quest... the command is the reward)

    Anyone know of any quest plugins (preferably, that work with NPC's, such as Citizens) that can accomplish these goals (permission nodes/commands as rewards), then PLEASE let me know :)

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