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    Plugin Catagory: RPG

    Suggested Name: QuestBeds

    What I want: I would like a plugin based on the popular webcomic Homestuck. This plugin would, possibly using WorldEdit, allow you to set an area as a "quest bed", which you could then die on ( while keeping your inventory), and it would start a quest line. The quest line would be customizable (either it comes with quests, or you use a questing plugin ( I have Quester)), and upon completing the quest line, you would get an aspect and class (which would appear in chat), and you would get commands related to the class/aspect. A player can only complete one of these quest, once.

    Ideas for commands: (all commands would have /qb);
    quest <class> <aspect>: Creates a quest, and completion will give you the class and aspect. The quest would then go through a questing plugin, if one is used. Essentially, this tells the quest plugin "hey, make this quest", and the quest plugin would create a quest, making the quest name as <class> of <aspect>. You would then use said created quest in the quest plugin.
    (Optianal, depending on if the plugin uses a seperate questing plugin) quest objective <objective> <description>: creates a quest objective.
    More quest commands, if a questing plugin cannot be hooked.

    Ideas for permissions: (allows creation of quests)
    QuestBeds.create.(other commands here, defaults op)
    QuestBeds.<aspect>.<class> (allows player to access commands related to there aspect and class. This would, to me, make it easier to allow for the player to get commands (the plugin assigns the player their permission once the quest is complete), and would allow for the admin to remove the player's commands if they are misused, defaults none) (delete quests, defaults op)
    QuestBeds.* (all permissions)
    When I'd like it by: Whenever it is available.
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    If it helps anyone who decides to read this, I am learning Java, so as to be able to make plugins/mods!
  3. TNTftw21 I actually still don't get what you want. What for an aspect and class do you get? What happens after? :eek: Is that a minigame or what? :D

    Sorry if I understood it wrong.
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    Well, it's not really a minigame, it's sort of a quest line, and once the quest line is complete, and you get your class and aspect, you can do certain things.

    Anywhere, I mean.

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