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    Many of you probably from the title think there are plugins out there for this. Truth be told there really aren't. What I want is a plugin that let's you set doors so that specific players can only go through them, and only if they have the key. The key may or may not be removed upon use (toggle-able ?). The key for the door should be set by looking at the door while typing a command and holding the item you want to set at the key. This way, we can set custom items (custom names/lores) that you get from an npc by questing. The doors will only let the player who used the key pass (not sure how this will work?).

    It's not too complicated and if someone could make this that would be GREAT!


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    Well, that is a real bummer.
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    Hey man! I actually tried your plugin but i couldn't get it to work! I had the correct item ID and everything.
    Also, custom named/lore items don't work with your plugin because it only takes item names/ID.
    It would be cool if you could just hold the item in your hand and when you run the command it would use that items data.
    Your plugin is exactly what I was looking for, though. Whenever i clicked on the door i set with the key item, it would just flash the cobweb for a sec and then replace it with the original block. Anyways, I'm doing this for questing so I need it to work with custom named/lore items.

    If you could fix this and get it to grab the data out of whatever the item in your hand it, that would be awesome!


  6. _Resilient_ Taking the data from the held item is a good idea, thanks. I'll probably include that in my next update for it :)

    For the custom stuff: If you already have a plugin that give items with custom name/lore, then this should be compatible with it - you'd just have to make sure that it has the correct lore somewhere on the item.

    And yeah, the door is meant to look exactly like whatever blocks it was before you turned it into a door. You can unlock the door by right clicking on it with a key, and it'll disappear for you (but not for other people who haven't unlocked the door).

    If you need any more help, let me know. I'll be sure to add the option to take the item you're holding soon. :)
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    I couldn't get the doors to work. I set the keys and everything but I still can't get it to work, the block just replaces instantly even when I have the key in my hand. Also, do you mind describing to me how to set a key with custom lores/names? I already have the lores plugin. So say i have my item ready to make the key, how do I set the custom item as the key? The command seems to only support the item ID itself not if it has custom lore/name. Is it possible to get it working how i want? If so, please help me!


  8. _Resilient_ When you right click on the door with the key in hand, what happens? Does the door unlock (i.e. do the blocks disappear?).

    For custom lore, you should be able to have any item you want act as a key. Just give the item the following line of lore:

    Key for door id
    Where id is the door's id, as seen in /lozd door list. So for a door with id of 3, the lore to add would be this exactly:
    Key for door 3
    If you manually add the lore to an item yourself, with a different plugin, then you won't need to bother with the /lozd key create command - it should automatically pick it up as a key when you try to use it. :)
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    Yay! I finally got it to work. It's a bit tricky though and there are a few glitches. A few suggestions for the next update:

    - A glitch is that even if I delete a door, the counter than auto-names the door still counts forward a number. For example say I made a few test doors... 3 in total. Even if I delete all three it automakes my next door to door ID 4. Kinda annoying for keeping track because i think there are more but really there's only 1.

    - Re-make the doors so that the ID can be any string, and you determine the door id. If you delete the door, it's ID should be able to be re-used. For example maybe the new command could be /lozd door create [ID] where ID is any string for example /lozd door create lavadoor ... Say i delete lavadoor because I made a mistake. I should be able to rename another one lavadoor after i deleted it.

    - a command that instead of manually setting the door's key just gets data from the hand. If nothing is in hand, the command doesn't execute. command could be...? /lozd key create [doorID] - The lore line doesnt have to be "key for door x" It just has whatever lore/name data from whatever the item that the hand has. The code would check if the item used on the door has all the same lore/name/id data and unlock if it's true. This way all items don't have to have the "key for door x" lore which is not really story/quest friendly

    - a command that lets OP's lock/unlock doors for themselves so i don't have to reload entire plugin because i want a door to lock/unlock back and forth for me to test.

    All in all an amazing plugin and was exactly what I'm looking for. If you made these changes, I'd love you forever!
    PLEASE make them ASAP. I'm making quests and an updated plugin according to these suggestions would make it perfect!


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    Answer me, master. :}
  11. _Resilient_ Sorry, you didn't tag me in the first post so I didn't see it :p Thanks for your feedback, I'll probably work on it ASAP
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    AdamQpzm Thanks! Keep me updated! Any ideas or creative development help I can give, tag me and reply.

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    AdamQpzm I'm still hoping for that updates plugin, big boy ;)
  14. _Resilient_ Sorry, I've been a bit busy lately, hopefully I'll have time soon. :)
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    I am looking for a plugin just like this, and especially what I quoted. I want this because when a person opens a door, not 5 other people also walk in. So it would be cool if you add something like "player-specific = true" into your config.
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    tiffit exactly. This plugin is perfect except for a few issues/improvements to be made I listed above. AdamQpzm You are my hero for making this plugin. If you made these improvements I'd cry out of happiness. I'm not sure how hard or how long it will take... I hope it won't be too bad? <3
  17. _Resilient_ The things you've suggested shouldn't take too long to add in, I just haven't found the time to work on much at the moment, and have a few other things I'd like to work on too. Should have something ready soon, though. :)
    cc: tiffit

    Edit _Resilient_ and tiffit:

    I've finally updated with the suggestions :)

    - Keys will now take the item in hand
    - id can now be any text
    - New/changed commands:

    /lozd door create <id> - Creates a door with the specified id
    /lozd unlock <door> [player] - Unlocks the specified door, either for the player specified, or yourself if none specified
    /lozd lock <door> [player] - Locks the specified door, either for the player specified, or yourself if none specified

    New permissions:

    lozdungeons.lock needed for the /lozd lock command
    lozdungeons.unlock needed for the /lozd unlock command

    You'll be able to find the download at the BukkitDev page once the file has been approved by staff
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