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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by NoChanceSD, Aug 31, 2013.

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    My plugin is made to change/add features to PvP mechanics and it's hard to test all the features properly since it's PvP testing(requires 2 players at least). So i'm looking for someone who can test new versions before they are uploaded to bukkit. I would send new versions to that Tester and he would test them alone/with friends and then report to me what errors he found, features that could be improved, etc.

    Here is the plugin page if someone wants to take a look: PvPManager

    PS: If this isn't the correct forum please tell me, my last post here just disappeared for some reason.
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    If you cant find someone to help test, you can always run a localhost offline-mode server to test things out. Just letting you know if you havent thought of that already :)
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    I know, but my computer is really old and freezes a bit lol
    Would be easier to have someone else testing it.
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    Still looking for a Tester :)
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    i am testing it on my server

    i dont like that you can toggle you pvp off
    becaus when 2 people are fighting and one person turnes he's pvp off
    maybe you can toggle that away and i dont get why you should use this
    i mean worldguard is doing the same

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    jprules There are people who prefer to play without PvP, they can turn PvP off to themselves. Also, it can be a feature to donor ranks on a server. Anyway, there are permissions that allow disabling that feature.
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    make so thay cant combat pvp change if the player is in combat make a timer om 20 seconds or so then he can turn it off
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