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    Plugin category: Teleportation

    Suggested name: PvPDuel

    What I want:
    When you do /duel {Player Name} then you teleport to an arena and you can PvP that person.
    When you do /duel create {arena name} it would create a arena out of WorldEdit selections.
    When you do /duel setspawn1 {arena name} it would set one of the spawning point for {arena name}.
    When you do /duel setspawn2 {arena name} it would set the other spawning point for {arena name}.
    When you do /stats {PlayerName} (or /stats for your stats) it shows that persons stats.
    When you do /party it shows /party <create:invite:kick:chat:duel>
    When you do /party create {name of party} it would show your party before your name
    (ex. [Elite] [Owner] Eric7765: Hi. {Elite is the Party Name})
    When you do /party invite {Player} it would show [Party] {player} invited you to {party_name}.
    When you do /party kick {player} it would kick that person from that party.
    When you do /party chat the only people that can see the chat is your party members.
    When you do /party duel {other party} both parties will duel in a duel arena.

    Ideas for commands:
    /duel {player name}
    /duel create {arena name}
    /duel setspawn1 {arena name}
    /duel setspawn2 {arena name}
    /stats {player name}
    /party create
    /party invite {Player name}
    /party kick {player name}
    /party chat
    /party duel {other party}
    Ideas for permissions:
    pvpduel.duel (/duel)
    pvpduel.duel.create (/duel create)
    pvpduel.duel.setspawn1 (/duel setspawn1)
    pvpduel.duel.setspawn2 (/duel setspawn2)
    pvpduel.stats (/stats)
    pvpduel.party (/party)
    pvpduel.party.create (/party create)
    pvpduel.party.invite (/party invite)
    pvpduel.party.kick (/party kick)
    pvpduel.party chat (/party chat)
    pvpduel.party.duel (/party duel)
    When I'd like it by: I would like done as soon as possible

    Thanks everyone!
  2. I would like to see this coded as well
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    This would be a cool plugin... A good match for my plugin request, Ultimate Kit War
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