PvP Karma Immunity [Formatted]

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    [fire] as seen on graal playerworld "Unholy Nation" [fire]

    [glass] Plugin category: Fun!​

    [glass] Suggested name: PvP Karma Immunity

    [glass] Fast Version:
    By reaching 100% karma pvp is disabled for you automatically and your name is in gold. The only way to gain karma is by not killing for a certain amount of time.

    There's 3 perks to having 100%:
    1.you can hit people below 50% as long as you dont kill them you're gold.
    2.worry free playing in an intense pvp world
    3. Status that you are not a fighter :p

    [glass] What I want:
    [arrow] Killing Player = -1 karma
    [arrow] Time spent not killing a player = +1 karma per <custom time>
    [arrow] 100% = (gold resident) grants pvp immunity and gold name in chat and in world
    [arrow]100% karma gold residents can attack anyone below neutral karma which is below 50% karma. If they kill them then their karma goes down. only if they kill them.
    [arrow] 0% = red name in chat and in world. not that its a bad thing, just lets people know u pvp alot, symbolic for blood.
    [arrow]50% = (neutral) name in standard white text, no benefits, used to see place in the world.
    [arrow] Name colors change from one color to the next like a gradient (if possible)
    [arrow] please, no chat notifiers i want this to feel seemless

    [glass] Ideas for commands:
    /karma - shows the players karma percent

    [glass] Ideas for permissions: cant be disabled, auto enabled for everyone even op's

    [glass]When I'd like it by: just let me know what i can do to help :)

    [glass] CORE IDEA:
    Heres the bread and butter of this request! By being a gold resident (100% karma) players can go about their day with out having to worry about being killed and having their items taken, no one can troll them as they are now zen. the neutral status is just a way for players to see if they are going up or down in karma. Red status just shows that the player loves pvping. This plugin lets the best of both worlds co exist. it will make people want to pvp or want to have gold status right away! :)
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    I made your plugin. You can download it here : <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    You can check a player's current karma with /karma [Player's name], reset everyone's karma with /resetkarma and /setkarmagaintime [time in minutes] to set the amount of time it takes to gain a karma point. I've also taken the liberty to add persistence to the plugin so it saves everyone's karma in files. (That wasn't mentionned in your post)

    The plugin will work with Bukkit 1.2.3-R0.1

    If you want more features, an updated JAR, found a bug or anything, just poke me a link to this thread, on my profile. ;)
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    this is exactly what i was looking for
    thanks for making it and updating it so quickly.
    I'll update you if anything changes but its perfect right now :)

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