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    Our server has global PVP disabled using WorldGuard to prevent random unwanted killing because we are mostly a PvE server. However, occasionally we have members that want to duel.

    I'm looking for a plugin that will allow all players that want to engage in a battle to /challenge each other. It should integrate with WorldGuard to bypass the pvp:deny flag, somehow.

    As an example:

    Player1: /challenge start
    Console: Player1 has started a PVP challenge!
    Player2: /challenge join
    Player3: /challenge join
    Player4: /challenge join
    Player1: /challenge begin
    Console: The PVP challenge will start in 5 seconds
    Console: 4..
    Console: 3..
    Console: 2..
    Console: 1..
    Console: FIGHT!
    (some time passes)
    Console: Player1 is the last man standing and has won the PVP challenge!

    Some ideas:
    • All output text customizable and support color codes
    • Only players that have joined the challenge will see the countdown, to prevent chat spam.
    • Once a player has joined a challenge, they will teleport to the player that started it.
    • Once a player in the challenge has died, they will teleport to their last known coordinates (not their /home or /spawn)
    • The plugin will not remove the items in their inventories. Weapons and armory will be discussed by the players before they /challenge join.
    • Everyone that has joined the challenge can not hurt each other until the challenge has started
    • A reward system for last man standing?
    The main concept is that a PVP challenge can occur between a few people in the middle of nowhere without having to build a PVP arena.
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    Wow, cool idea. I've seen it before, not as detailed though
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    Thanks, I think it would be a great addition to any PvE server that has players interested in PVP elements!
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    So my plugin BattleArena has a dueling option. You basically create the arena that they will duel in.

    * /arena create seriosArena <- creates the arena and the first spawn at your point
    * /arena alter seriosArena 2 <- add the second spawn

    Then if someone does
    */arena duel <other player>
    and the other player accepts, they get teleported into the arena and fight. It overrides the PVP flags of worldguard for the duration of the fight. Also it's very configurable and can have multiple arenas and multiple duels happening at once.

    perms. "arena.arena.duel"
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    This looks pretty darn close to what I want, I'm gonna give it a go, thanks :)
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    Oh, I should also mention that you can configure it to let them use their own inventory, just do the same commands that I told you about above, but use the word "skirmish" instead of "arena". A skirmish by default lets players bring in their own inventory, and leave with whatever they take off their opponent.

    Otherwise if you like what you see, I can probably add in other options for dueling besides just betting money. (like the choosing the items they can bring in etc)

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