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    Plugin category: Purge

    Suggested name: Purge Plugin

    What I want:
    What I looking for is someone to make a purge plugin.I want it to turn off any non greifing plugins and shop plugins but does not damage the server or anyones structures in any way. I want it to enable pvp everywhere for 1 day. People will have to put blocks in front of any entrance for people to get in and steal others stuff on the purge. I want it to enable back these plugins and put an announcement in chat when the purge start and then when it ends. There should be random warning how much longer the purge is lasting in the day. I want it to turn on pvp at the start of purge and turn it off at the end.Please try to fulfill my request and i will be very happy.

    Thank you,

    Ideas for commands: /purge start; /purge set time [how long]; /purge end; /purge countdown(from 10); /purge enable; /purge disable; /purge pvp on; /purge pvp off

    Ideas for permissions: purge.play able to play in the purge

    When I'd like it by: December 15, 2014
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    BUTTERcraftbro Please use the correct format so developers can understand your request easier! :)
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    ok i will fix it
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