Solved ProjectileHitEvent and EntityDamageByEntityEvent

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Chr0mosom3, Apr 4, 2021.

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    Simple question, how would I know in ProjectileHitEvent if the projectile hit another entity. For example, if after the projectilehitevent, the entitydamagebyentity event is called right after it. Checking ProjectileHitEvent is a instance of EntityDamageByEntityEvent doesn't work.
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    What version are you working with? In later iterations of spigot the ProjectileHitEvent has getHitEntity(). If you're on an older version, why not just use EntityDamageByEntityEvent? Is there anything that the EntityDamageByEntityEvent doesn't have?
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    Thank you so much, I didn't know this existed!
    If the projectile doesn't hit a entity and just crashes on the ground the event isn't gonna get called, in contrast ProjectileHitEvent is called whenever any projectile hits anything.

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