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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: ProfessionalGuesser

    What I want: What I'd like is just like the plugin's name. It is a minigame that I think myself. So what this minigame does you need to guess what the is the thing in a specified time(configurable). Everyone will join a building (no matter how big or how small is the building, it is created by the server OP but not this plugin) then when it reached the minimum player to start the game, it will count down for 30 seconds(configurable) like:[ProfessionalGuesser] The game will start in 5 seconds. Something like that and after the game started, you will get the first tip, the first tip is something like the thing is a item, block or mob (this tip everyone will get). If you can get it, type in /pg tip , then it will give you the second tip( this tip only you yourself will get, others won't), the second tip is like if the thing is a mob, it will tell you what kind of the mob is like zombie pigman is a passive mob so it will tell you [ProfessionalGuesser] The mob is PASSIVE. If it is an item or block it will tell you what color is the item or block like the item is coal [ProfessionalGuesser] It is an item that black in color. If the block is glass, then it will tell you that [ProfessionalGuesser] The block is transparent. Just like that and if you still can't get it, use the third (the last) tip, well the third tip is the feature of the thing like zombie pigman [ProfessionalGuesser] The mob does hold a golden sword. And also for the item and block [ProfessionalGuesser] The item use to melt something in furnance. [ProfessionalGuesser] The block is slippery and the spider can't climb over it. Something like this and 1 player has 3 guesses and 3 tip. How you guess? Just type it in the chat. If you get it wrong, you will get this message: [ProfessionalGuesser] Wrong guesses, you have 2 more guesses. After 3 times of guesses you also incorrect, you will get this: [ProfessionalGuesser] You have lost this round. And if the time up, you will also get this: [ProfessionalGuesser] You have lost this round. If you guess correct EVERYONE will get this:
    [ProfessionalGuesser] <Player's name> has guessed the correct answer!
    So if you guesses correctly, you will get the following money (Economy / Vault):
    Tip used: 1 2 3

    Guesses used: 1= 100$
    -----------------2= 90$
    -----------------3= 80$
    -------------------------1= 70$
    -------------------------2= 60$
    -------------------------3= 50$
    ---------------------------------1= 40$
    ---------------------------------2= 30$
    ---------------------------------3= 20$
    So it just basically like this, oh, I forget, 1 game totally have 10 round (configurable) and the question of the 10 rounds MUSN'T be the same question in different or the same arena. Lets see the commands.

    Ideas for commands: /pg createarena <Arena's name> - create an arena.
    /pg deletearena <Arena's name> - delete the arena
    /pg setminimumplayer <Number> <Arena's name> - Set the minimum player to start the arena.
    /pg setmaximumplayer <Number> <Arena's name> - Set the maximum player for the arena.
    /pg setreadyarea <Arena's name> - Set the ready area for a specified arena at the place you are standing at, before the game start, player will teleport to there.
    /pg setspawn <Arena's name> - set the spawn place for the specified arena at the place you are standing at, player will teleport to there when the game start.
    /pg join <Arena's name> - To join a arena. If the arena already started:

    [ProfessionalGuesser] The arena already started, try to join another arena.
    /pg forcestart <Arena's name> - force start an arena
    /pg skip - skip the currently guess it will show everyone:
    [ProfessionalGuesser] <Player's name> has skipped this round.
    /pg tip - to get another tip.

    /pg leavearena - leave your currently arena, will get this message:
    [ProfessionalGuesser] You've leave the arena, thanks for playing :) .
    /pg forceend <Arena's name> - force to end an in game arena (the specified arena)
    /pg reporterror <Item/Block/Mob's name> - If the tip is wrong like if the guesses is coal, it give you

    Tip 1: [ProfessionalGuesser] It is a mob.
    Tip 2: [ProfessionalGuesser] It is PASSIVE.
    Tip 3: [ProfessionalGuesser] It have 8 eyes.
    And when player knows the answer is coal and the tip given is wrong, they can report like /pg reporterror Coal. To report the error, after report, the player will get this: [ProfessionalGuesser] Thanks for reporting the error, we will check it as soon as possible.
    /pg checkerror - to check the error reported, something like this:

    1) (Player's name) : (Item/Block/Mob's name that has error)
    2) IaMtHePrO : Coal
    Something like above.
    /pg reload - reload the plugin.
    /pg version - check the version of this plugin.
    /pg help - show the page of commands and usage.

    Ideas for permissions: pg.createarena - For /pg createarena. Default: OP
    pg.deletearena - For /pg deletearena. Default: OP
    pg.setminimumplayer - For /pg setminimumplayer. Default: OP
    pg.setmaximumplayer - For /pg setmaximumplayer. Default: OP
    pg.setreadyarea - For /pg setreadyarea. Default: OP
    pg.setspawn - For /pg setspawn. Default: OP
    pg.forcestart - For /pg forcestart. Default: OP
    pg.forceend - For /pg forceend. Default: OP
    pg.checkerror - For /pg checkerror. Default: OP
    pg.reload - For /pg reload. Default: OP
    pg.version - For /pg version. Default: OP
    Others are default for players and OPs. No need permmissions.

    When I'd like it by: ASAP
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    @Forcelydated Fixing your colors for you, next time: please use black only
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    @nverdier Got most of them, good enough, 10-15 minutes while talking to people.
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    bwfcwalshy Retired Staff

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    24 hour, bump!
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    GL On Getting Somone
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    Sorry if I am wrong, as it was kind of hard to read. But is it just like Build my thing?
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    @Solaris_88 , it IS like Build my thing, but the different is noone will build something, only the console will gives the tips, and you need to guess the item/mob/block's name. Just something like that.
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    @Huntfishplay @Forcelydated



    - renamed the plugin to [GuessPro]
    - no commands <-- interaction through chestmenus
    - config.yml <-- saves arena locations, messages, and settings
    - lists.yml <-- all questions go here ...
    - reports.yml <-- comming soon

    - take a nap
    - finish coding
    - add report functions
    - testing

    should be ready tomorrow ...

    ps: im not writing the questions for you X-) ...
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    Bump! And @undeaD_D , have you done it??
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    Bump once again!
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    And...... Sorry for disturbing but...... @undeaD_D , have you done it?
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