problem in mooshroom cow spawners

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Epic_KIller, Oct 26, 2016.

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    I'm having a problem in my server with mooshroom cow spawners

    i'm making a factions server and I need mooshroom cow spawners in the server but the problem is when I place a mooshroom cow spawner nothing spawn

    soo what I need is How can I make mooshroom cow spawners work everywhere in the world with out using spawn eggs to change the spawner and without placing mycelium around or under the spawner ..
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    Does this only happen with Mooshrooms or is it all mobs? Is it both animals and monsters?
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    yes it's just with the mooshroom cow spawners is there a plugin fix that or a config settings I don't know about can fix this ??
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    I'm not sure which plugin is causing it, but follow the video below and it'll show you how to troubleshoot your plugins, allowing you to quickly and efficiently figure out which plugin is causing the problem. After you figure out which plugin is causing the problem, you can either deal with it yourself or let us know in this thread and we'll try our best to help!

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    I have removed all the plugins from the plugin folder except ( Essentials ) because I can't get mooshroom cow spawners without it . when I placed mooshroom cow spawners nothing spawn but when I but mycelium next to the spawner it immediately spawn I can't find any thing in Essentials for mooshroom cow .

    soo what I think is that this problem is originally from minecraft gamerules/sittings that makes mooshroom cow spawn just on mycelium block it doesn't spawn on grass block

    what I need now is... how can I make mooshroom cow spawners work without mycelium under or around it ??
    I need them to spawn on grass blocks.. is there a way this gamerules/sittings can be edited or changed

    Also.. If there is a plugin that makes this work please tell me that will help me A lot.
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    anyone can help with this problem please ??????
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