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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Doolittle2008, Dec 13, 2014.

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    I searched for a plugin like this, and found none.

    The ability to summon a small portal that only you and people you allow to use can go through.

    This portal will lead to your own private realm. It will pretty much teleport you to an area in a void world very far from anyone else in which you can have a private area just to you.

    The admin of the server can choose wether or not the player can build on their island.

    This area can be upgraded through money, and as you upgrade it your private area expands, depending on what the admin has build.

    As an admin, you build an area, select it with world edit, and type like "Private realm stage 1". And now, everyone who types /private realm will get their own private realm portal made.
    And then, you upgrade it and type "Private realm stage 2" so when the player upgrades it, they get the new upgrade.

    This can be used for many things, such as simply a private house, a cell for prison servers, and you can save up money for exiting upgrades to your private area (assuming the building privilege has been set to deny.)

    I believe this plugin would help me and lots of others.

    By the way, the portal should be able to be summoned anywhere, or, if the admin does not want an area being filled with portals, they can remove that function, and make it so players must go through a staff made portal that will teleport them to their private realm.
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    That would be great! I'm really surprised nobody has made a plugin like this yet.
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    So does this plugin alerady exist? Or not?
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