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    Plugin category: Fun,General

    Suggested name: PrisonCrates

    What I want:
    I want this plugin to makes crates. they get the creates from a command. They have a certain name.
    "&b&l&oVote &3- &bCrate"
    "&b&l&oUltra &3- &bCrate"
    "&b&l&oInsane &3- &bCrate"

    The server will check ever few ticks if anyone placed,
    A Enderchest with the names above, then for
    each crate there is a fire work.
    For Vote its a Yellow/White firework
    For Ultra its a Orange/White firework
    For Insane its a Red/White firework

    Place it on the ground.
    Then it will destroy its self with the firework
    Effect, and it will give you a random item(s)
    set in the config

    (Off the topic)
    This plugin doesn't only have to used
    For prison server it can be used for
    Minigames, Factions, Kitpvp.

    Ideas for commands:
    - /pc vote - give the "Vote Crate"
    - /pc ultra - give the "Ultra Crate"
    - /pc insane - give the "Insane Crate"
    - /pc <name> - for a custom "prison Crate"

    - /pc admin reload - reload the "PrisonCrates" Config!

    Ideas for permissions:


    When I'd like it by: By next week! Please.
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    moneyboybro onyx mines was the first prison server to do this and they use the plugin green crate

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