Prevent powder turning to concrete

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Dotrus, Jul 29, 2021.

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    Minecraft version: 1.17.1

    Suggested name: Anti-concrete?

    What I want: I have no knowledge of java. I was hoping someone might be able to disable concrete powder from being turned into concrete via water providing that it doesn't effect performance. Not sure on the best way to do it. Someone linked me this:
    This would be super useful for my server, might seem like a small addition but it would allow me to paint the landscape with a lot more blocks.
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    @Dotrus illl give your plugin a go, because of how minecraft works tho there are some slight issues

    the powder may sometimes look like concrete altho on interacting or leaving the chunk and coming back it'll turn back into concrete powder.

    depending on the use i can either make the concrete powder drop as an item before it changes or i can leave it with that slight bug and players will just have to leave the chunk and come back or interact with the block
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  3. Here you go

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    @tenmillionapples did you test that, as that doesn't work properly when placing multiple concrete powder
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    Sorry for the late reply was moving and things went haywire. Thank you both for taking an interest in it! @Nysxl That slight bug sounds fine, aslong as its just a visual one thats no issue.

    Tenapples it seems your one has an issue at the moment, i will play test it now.
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