Preparing a ban system for 1.8

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by ZanderMan9, Jul 10, 2014.

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    Hello everyone! As 1.8 approaches, we must consider how banning will work. I myself have a plan. I've been working on a system to store banned players in a neat yml file, but never really finished. It would be the perfect starting point for making a new system that works with 1.8's UUID's

    Here's the general layout of the yml:
     (UUID here):
       BanDate: tomorrow
       BanReason: Douchebaggery
       BannedBy: (UUID)
       BannedByName: (Name at the point of banishment)
       NameOnBanishment: (Name at the point of banishment
    I'll post code for this once I have something more to show...
    Anyone who wants to input advice is welcome to do so!
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    Erm, banned_players.JSON? 1.7.2 banning is almost the same as 1.7.9 and above except for file format,but that's what bukkit API is for.
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    Bukkit is already updated to handle UUIDs as are plugins like essentials and other public banning plugins. There's also, you can read through the source to see how we (@Gravity) did it if you want.
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