PremissionsEx won't work and server crashes upon death. WeLp.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by J o n, Oct 16, 2018.

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    J o n

    Soo I have this server with my friends, and I'm planning on adding sign shops and stuff, but I can't give them the perms for it. I have permissionsEx and I've watched multiple videos to set it up. But nothing works, It wont give them their permissions. "You don't have access to this command" It says.

    I've also had this issue with the server crashing upon death, it's gotten so bad in fact that one of my friends can't even join without the server crashing because of it. Welp, if you wan't further information like cmd startup e.x.t just ask.

    // Thank you all in advance for trying to help me! J o n.

    EDIT : You might know what plugins I've "HAD" I've had lots of plugins but removed them because they are outdated ext. Here's a list ;
    EssentialsX ( EssentialsXXMPP , EssentialsXSpawn , EssentialsXProtect , EssentialsXGeoIP , EssentiasXChat and EssentialsXAntiBuild. All of them are version )

    Some of these are version 1.12. And my server is running 1.13. I'm aware. I've just had them working being outdated plugins, so I never thought they could cause problems so I never removed them. But I don't know.
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