Prefix with PEX not working :(

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ItsyBitsySeal, Oct 2, 2015.

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    Hello! I am suffering from a bad case of prefix loss... I've switched the prefixes on Essentials, and I cannot seem to get it working! please help me!!! I am using these plugins?
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    EssentialsChat will work if you have the correct build version of it, and Essentials for the server jar. If you are using the 1.8+ special essentials versions, that Essentials requires java 7 or higher to launch the server -- So the reason it doesnt work isn't "cause i have Bukkit" but because you dont have the right collection of plugin jars for the build of the server you are running... or it is badly misconfigured.... or its the wrong java version for it.

    You can restart (not /reload) and with your entire logs/latest.log file after boot-up in order for a "There's your problem" assessment if you're not able to have something go "ah-ha" from my comment and a scan of your log to say "yup, wrong version " or "ah, yeah, im using java 6"
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    Its a bought server... :/ I am using Bisect Hosting! It won't seem to work... I have to download things from the website! :(
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    No, you are not FORCED to get everything from their website, which is likely an outdated robot-file of links to all-things bukkit.
    You can get any plugin jar file yourself on your computer, and they will have an FTP access or file-manager system to let you upload the file into the plugins folder. The limitation would be if they are still on Java 6 and haven't upgraded though.
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    Oh so I can get GROUP MANAGER!? :O
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    you can get any plugin that you can find, your provider will provide a way for you to put the jar file into the plugin folder, even if its just via the ftp settings and yhou set up a client..
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    If you use a /nick plugin that is probably what is causing it. In the essentials config the nickname and the prefix are the ssame thing so you have to extend the amount of digits for the nickname!
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    Imma try and download Group Manager! Thanks guys! <3 I thought I'd have to live with an alien plugin xD

    I downloaded it... its in my FTP files.. what do I do now? I am sorry for bugging you! xD I am a noob at this sooo :(

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    @ItsyBitsySeal You put it in your plugins folder, hoping you can find it. Don't reload always restart.
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    Please help me guys! I can't seem to get a colored tab with Group Manager and also how do I set it ... so that when 'players' chat... they have grey text??? <3 Please help! <3 x
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