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    With my server's hosting, the server restarts rather nastily when it runs out of RAM. It doesn't save player data, and this resets players back to their last login, both with player position an player inventory. While I am planning on increasing the RAM to the server, the problem will likely still happen (Albeit less frequently).

    I want a plugin that "Fixes" the problem by doing three things:
    1) Monitoring RAM usage.
    2) When RAM runs dangerously low, it kicks all players from the server
    3) When RAM runs dangerously low, it restarts the server after kicking all players

    Any assistance on this front would be greatly appreciated.
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    Just say java to use less RAM on minecraft... (the -xmx and xms values in your .sh/.bat)
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    It's a paid hosting. I have purchased more RAM but it's still iritating if it happens for anyreason
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    Than you should tell your hoster how to host a minecraft server...
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    I strongly suggest you talk to your hosting provider - this is NOT good service!

    Saying that, I thought bukkit saved when it received a SIGINT, so I hope they're not just killing it straight off...
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    I do believe they are. However, they've bIeen great in all other respects so it doesn't bother me... Much

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